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    Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd Needs Driver

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'd just hit that brick wall, 'taking the product back for a refund. Windows 7 has been installed in every PC sold since last fall, including this one - I can't believe that apparently every video capture device manufacturer has been caught flat-footed by an OS release Microsoft had been promoting for months prior to that. All I want is for these massive boxes of VHS bricks to go away, and I can't seem to make it happen.
  2. TeflonHeretic

    Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd Needs Driver

    That's great: one flippant, smart-a** reply and one with the information we're looking for, for a net result of 50% customer service. 'Not exactly inspiring confidence here, Mr. Hardin. I bought this thing with the intention of using it with a system running Windows 7; when I get the software installed and try to set up a project, I find that the "Capture Device" field is blank, and that the "Easy VHS to DVD" software does not make mention of the acronym VHS anywhere within that software. Which means I have to immediately start hoping that this isn't another one of those criminally-misnamed products that will only capture video from a digital camcorder or other digital device (a redundancy in any case,) and will not, in fact, function with a standard VHS dinosaur. I'd previously used a gadget called the ADS DVDXPressDX2 on my old XP system, which I had plugged in, installed, and up and capturing video from my old VHS bricks within fifteen minutes flat. Unfortunately that company's been sold and the new owners have not seen fit to update anything for Windows 7. The reason I mention it is because I keep banging my head against what I consider the King Of All Peeves: Why is something so bonehead-basic as getting VHS bricks transformed into nice, tidy digital files so impossible for manufacturers to solve? I guess you could call that a product development request. Now it's back to blowing the rest of my evening on wrestling with this mess.