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  1. does anyone know how to get help from roxio i don't feel I should have to pay for help when i have purchased their product and it does not work I tried tech support but i am not willing to put in my credit card infor and pay Roxio should be responsible to their customers and we should be able to reach a person some how
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    creator 9

    I have had difficulty with creator 9 eror message on overrun on roxio shared\9.0 com\roxio tray 9.exe did as suggested and uninstalled roxio and then tried to reinstall However, it will not take my CD Key, I have never been able to get any help from roxio. the overrun messed up my DVD Fab program it says roxio run but not, then when it was on computer I downloaded the patch as suggested and error message came up can't find program. This is extremely frustrating