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    Can't get Creator 2010 service pack 2 to install

    Yep, there was an app in msconfig, unchecked it and all went well. Thanks!
  2. So, I finally left my Creator 8 behind on my older laptop and purchased Creator Pro 2010 to install on My Toshiba Athlon 2.1 ghz with 3 ghz Ram, 32 bit system, running Windows 7 Home Premium. Installation went well, but I can't get the Creator Sp2 to install. I get an error message: CANNOT DELETE TARGET FILE C:\program files\roxio 2010\media import 12\vwave capture.dll and then it shuts down and does not install. I'm not sure if it is meant for the pro edition also, but was guessing that it is. I have tried running it from the program, and from the website, saving it on my desktop and having the update be the only program running. Searching the boards, I'm not finding this to be an issue, any ideas what to do?
  3. never say never

    Curious About Windows 7 and Creator 8

    I'm sorry, my bad, I meant Roxio 2010 and skippy fingers typed Roxio 10. I am just leery of Microsoft's "MOST" programs work. As I gave them the name(s) of the programs I wanted to use with xp mode and they did not confirm or deny, I can only assume they don't work, but Microsoft wants the sale of the more expensive software.
  4. never say never

    Curious About Windows 7 and Creator 8

    I emailed Microsoft asking if there was a list of programs that work in xp mode (and named Roxio 8 and a few other programs) and surprise of surprises I got a response. They said " Due to the multitude of applications and programs that would have to be listed, there is not a list of software that is compatible with XP Mode. Most software that functions normally with Windows XP will function the same way in XP Mode". Somehow I feel like that is a non answer and I'm being set up to buy something that just won't work. Unless someone posts with success, I think I will stop while I'm ahead and just get Roxio 10. Thanks for the input.
  5. Someone asked about installing Creator 8 in Windows 7 which made me wonder about the "XP mode" available in Pro and Ultimate Editions. Has anyone had any luck running applications through the XP mode? I have looked all over the microsoft website and can't find a compatibility chart for software in this mode as opposed to just using Windows 7.The website mentions it is for business applications, but that could cover a lot of territory. I am in the same boat as the other poster as I REALLY like Creator 8 and some other "oldies", but my xp computer isn't long for this world. Anyone out there using xp mode and wants to share thoughts?
  6. never say never

    Album Conversion

    Going to stop at Radio Shack today and pick up a "Y" cable and see if I can head off the problem before editing. Strangely, I did find one pretty good fix clicking on clean up, etc, looking for a magic bullet. In "equalizer", I changed it to "attenuate" and it seems to have fixed the minor problems and reduced the major ones. Again thanks for the help and suggestions.
  7. never say never

    Album Conversion

  8. never say never

    Album Conversion

    There is no volume/level control on the turntable. I have done 50+ albums and this is the first one I have had this problem with - they really hit some high notes and they hit 'em LOUD!
  9. never say never

    Album Conversion

    I'm hooked up through one of the front USB ports. I tried a USB port on the back of the computer and it didn't change the sound issues. Running Vista on a Dell 530 desktop. If push came to shove, I could move the software to my laptop that is running Windows 7.
  10. never say never

    Album Conversion

    I am converting an album using LP and Tape Assistant, using a USB Turntable. The album is..."It's a Small World" by the Disneyland Boys Choir. I mention this so you can imagine the high, loud sections of the lp - especially Silent Night and It's a Small World. I tried auto detect, but there were still many red clipped areas, so I lowered the volume more, but "sleep in heavenly peeeeeeeeeeace" and a few others are still distorted, sort of fuzzy, even after using the cleaning tools. Any ideas on what else I can do?