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    Toast 9.07 With Os 10.6.4

    Hi, Does Toast 9.07 work with OS 10.6.4? Thanks Siskiyou
  2. siskiyou

    DVD-RW recorded in VR mode or video mode on video camera

    Thanks! You have been very helpful and it is appreciated. I'll order the download version and try it out. Terri
  3. siskiyou

    DVD-RW recorded in VR mode or video mode on video camera

    I don't own Toast 9 yet, so I am unfamiliar with the software. I am happy to buy it if I know for sure that it will work! Can you say for sure it will? (And can I still buy Toast 9 since I haven't upgraded from OS 10.4.11?) Thanks, Terri
  4. Hello, I have a Power MAC G5 running OS 10.4.11, (with an internal SONY DVD RW DW-U21A, which I'm assuming is the DVD read/write device). I have a Cannon DC320 video camera/camcorder that records to mini DVD-RW discs in either the "video" mode or "VR" mode. I prefer to use the VR mode so I can edit scenes directly on the camera, but am willing to use either mode if I can find a way to get the files onto my MAC. I have the option to "finalize" the discs or not in the camera. (It will also record to DVD-R or DVD-R DL discs, but I prefer not to use those.) I can't read any version (VR or Video mode) of the DVD-RW's on my MAC, the drive just spits them out without even recognizing them. ??? Will Toast 9 allow me to read, copy and edit (mini size disc) DVD-RW files recorded in VR mode or video mode on my MAC??? I'm willing to go through some hoops to make it work!!! Ultimately I would like to be able to post the video files from my MAC to my blog or youTube. Thanks, Terri