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    8004520c Error while Encoding movie

    I had exactly the same problem after working for days on my production. I had upgraded my Nvidia drivers at the Dell sight to no avail. This morning I saw Larry's posting and followed his advice. I went to the Nvidia sight and got a brand new driver (July '07) and to Microsoft to ugrade DirectX. I restarted then double clicked on my project to start MyDVD and bingo it worked. I was able to burn my project. Thanks Larry! Terry
  2. I just upgraded to version 9. I have created a number of projects in MyDVD 8. They open OK in version 9 but if I click save in version 9 that is the end of them. The next time I try to open them I get "Open Project operation failed." "XML Load failure". I have done this with two projects already and now I am reluctant to proceed using my new software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Terry

    Creating overlays in 8.0

    Thanks. I guess I need the deluxe version. I selected and reselect 50 times - still grayed out.
  4. Terry

    Creating overlays in 8.0

    Hello, I purchased Creator Suite 8 last week - an upgrade from a free (with a DVD burner) version 8 basic. I have the same problem as originally posted. I have tried all the suggestions here, but the "Save as Custom Object" button is always grayed out. I can make all the modifications but I can't save. Do you know this feature requires the "Deluxe" version. If not I will keep trying. Thanks