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  1. Videos are pretty easy to pull from youTube with free browser addons.
  2. As much as I want this to work, I'm using a competing product now that works as well and included both Mac and PC software. The dongle also allows third party software to use the signal. Too bad this software can't use the dongle. It's looking for the Roxio dongle. I'll come back when Roxio has a major update, but, for now, it's been 4 years with no investment in the software for Macintosh.
  3. After years (on and off) trying to fix this problem I am finally giving up. I got only about 5 of nearly 50 tapes converted before it stopped working. I have reinstalled OSes, changed versions, restored to original, swapped ports, disconnected everything but the dongle, replaced the dongle, replaced the tape player, etc. The only conclusion I have left is that the USB ports are somehow damaged, especially since some users have said it stopped working in the middle of use and then got the dreaded "no 2.0" error message trying to reboot. Funny that the ports still work for every device I've ever plugged into the port else wise. If it stops working, that's the end of it. I see no success stories of people getting it to work again.
  4. sparkn

    Mac Os X 10.11 El Capitan

    Good luck. I all depends on whether the software will recognize the dongle as being plugged into a USB 2.0 port or not. And THAT seems to be pretty random as the same computer can give a different response depending on the OS installed. I"ve been trying to figure out how to get it working again on my machine for years now and some buy a brand new machine and it works fine.
  5. sparkn

    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    What are you talking about? Clearly on the first page, 10.6 was not listed. It is now listed and the software wasn't updated at all/ Roxio is SCAMMING customers by selling them this incredibly buggy software. If I have to buy mpeg2, then list it. If it doesn't work with 10.6m don't list it (when I bought it, 10.6 WAS listed). This craptastic software doesn't even open the proper applications when it does manage to work. Most of the time it just sits there after a capture processing. It's not hung, it just sits there using 5% of my cpu to do who knows what. I let it sit for an hour to process 1 minute of video and it never finished. A 30 second video did actually process and took about 5 seconds.
  6. Shorter recordings? I'm having the same problem with videos only a minute long. 30 seconds works fine. Should I record 60 minute videos 120 times to and stitch them all together to get the software to work? This application is poor alpha quality at best. If I could get my money back I would. And the real kicker? You do have a file. It's in your Movie folder. But, because the program couldn't get past "One moment please" it's not in a form that iMovie can import. So, now you have to BUY mpeg playback from Apple just to watch it and it still won't import to iMovie. Looking into solutions to transcode it. Oh wait, this software is supposed to do it but because it can't do projects (i.e. opening and saving) you're screwed because it never got past "one moment please".
  7. sparkn


    I can say that it does work with 10.6.2. sort of. It hangs constantly and can't do any video more than a minute or so. It also sends the audio to Spin Doctor instead of Quicktime and is buggy with iMovie. So...pretty much none of it works properly. I'm about to download 10.6.3. I'll see if that "fixes" anything. On the plus side, the hardware is working. Too bad the software won't do anything with it.