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  1. I've spent about 3 hours on a net meeting with Corel (Roxio) support. This has led to no progress. We've identified that the video file works on the technician's computer, and he confirmed the issue is occurring on my computers (windows 7 and Windows 10). He acknowledged that some users on this forum have confirmed the problem. The technician told me that the video file from my camera is not compatible with the Videowave software (even though it works fine for some of you here, and it works fine on the technician's computer) I am completely frustrated with the level of support provided. We were able to work on a net meeting, but the only communication that we could do was through a chat window. I requested repeatedly to talk on the phone so that we could further diagnose the problem, but the tech repeatedly told me that a phone conversation was not available. Anyone have any suggestions for trying to get a resolution to this problem? -Eric
  2. I've updated to NXT 7, running on Windows 7 workstation, and the static noise is the same as Videowave 2012. Seeing bimicher's response, I'm thinking it's a Windows 7 workstation issue. Possibly a default Codec included with Windows 8+, but not Windows 7-
  3. Thanks for the info. It's not my Camera, but you're probably right, it's about time to update the software. Thanks for the input.
  4. I've upgraded to a new canon Video Camera, the XF400. I've created 1080p files which play fine (audio and video) in windows media player, other players. When I add these video files to a Videowave 2012 production, the file plays with static on the audio track. I've uploaded a small sample video file to: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Av2Tgd_y6qDaxUSYTk5PkMKBARy5?e=1bTDec feel free to download this file and try it in your version of Videowave and see if you get the same results. Thanks -Eric
  5. psueric

    Videowave - Sound Problem

    That's what I love about this community. Quick responses, and workable solutions. (Even if the software sometimes dissapoints... ) Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  6. I'm having a problem with Videowave 2012, when trying to process an HD Video file from my canon 310hs p&s camera. I drag the file into my timeline, and when I preview the video, the video plays at about 1.5 speed, so the video for a 15 second clip will end by 10 seconds, and the remainder of the video will have no sound. If I show the native track, the track appears to have audio right up to the end. If I go into timeline, and start the video 10 seconds into the 15 second clip, I get sound for the first 3 seconds, and then the sound finishes, and there's no sound for the last 2 seconds. If I double click the video, and open it in "video trimmer" and play it from there, it plays fine, with no sound problems. This problem seems to occur for any files which are created by this camera. If I output the video to any of various formats, the sound on the output file plays too quickly, and ends before the video clip. If I load the same video file into videowave 2010, the video processes fine, with no signs of the above problem. I've uploaded a sample video file to http://www.theruthfamily.com/sample
  7. I've got 2 identical canon vixia hf s200 cameras. For this example, I've got both cameras setup to record a performance in an auditorium. The first camera is setup in orchestra, recording closeups of the action on stage. The Second camera is setup in the balcony, capturing a broad view of the scene. Now that the performance is over, I would like to create a single production, which uses the audio from the first camera, and the video from both cameras...switching between camera 1 and camera 2 to create a professional looking video. I expect that there's probably a tutorial on how to perform this task, but I haven't been able to find one... Special considerations... Synchronizing camera 1 and camera 2. (keeping in mind that the cameras weren't started at exactly the same time) Separating audio from video for camera 2 (so that the production uses video from camera 2 but audio from camera 1)
  8. psueric

    71 Chapters On A Dvd

    thanks very much for your assistance. I'll try a few tests with the lower bit rate, and see if it helps with the sync problems. I'm also ready to upgrade to Roxio 2011...maybe that will make a difference. I'm dissapointed, that I didn't receive any response to the Trouble ticket which I submitted to Roxio's website on Sunday. My experience with this user group has been excellent, and I can't immagine that the Roxio folks will improve upon the experience...but I'm dissapointed that they haven't even responded... What is your experience in dealing with Rox Tec Support?
  9. psueric

    71 Chapters On A Dvd

    I did burn the 2h45m production to a standard DVD, and the video quality was terrible...but the feedback that I received from parents...was that they absolutely loved it...I guess the ones that really care about the quality of the video requested the BluRay discs, which look amazing. Unfortunately, they're almost a week delayed, becuase I've been trying to work out my Audio Sync Problems. Getting to chapter 60 means pressing the "Next" button on your remote 60 times. Some DVD players will Repeat the "Next" button if you press and hold...but others don't... But thanks for all your help getting it straightened out with me.
  10. psueric

    71 Chapters On A Dvd

    I actually made a spreadsheet of the 71 timepoints in my original production, and used that to add the chapter breaks in MyDVD. It wasn't aweful, but I would love to eliminate that step in the future. I've been reading, and it seems possible that the 2011 version could correct the problem. I may consider upgrading... I also noticed that after I converted my 71 files into 1 large file, the MyDVD rendering showed me the NVidia CUDA splash screen. This was different than when I was rendering the MTS files. In the first case, I saw the preview of the production instead. I'm wondering if the different rendering caused the difference in the Sync. If so, I could convert each of the 71 individual files from MTS to mp4, and create my production in VW, adding chapters and all...then sent to MyDVD and convert the chapter marks in MyDVD. Is there a Roxio tool that would easily allow me to batch convert 71 MTS files to MP4?
  11. psueric

    71 Chapters On A Dvd

    This is an off-topic discussion of a previous thread... http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/60369-trouble-with-creating-avchd-disc/ The discussion was based on the fact that the DVD that I was creating had 71 chapters, I was using the Chapter mark function in Video Wave, and those chapter marks could be converted to chapter tags in MyDVD. (but when I created a BluRay disc using this method, the Audio/Video was out of SYNC) The proposed solution was to use videowave to export my entire production to a single 2h45m video file, and use that as the source for MyDVD. The proposed solution worked, but as a side effect, I had to re-create all the chapter markings within MyDVD, because the ones that I created in VideoWave were lost then I exported the file as a single video file. The off topic discussion was about "71 chapters is too many to have on a DVD." Here's the logic behind the DVD with 71 Chapters. I'm a parent of 2 elementary school children, who are participating in a talent show at their school. The School PTO has requested that I record the entire performance, and produce DVD's for other parents to purchase...this serves as a Fundraiser for the PTO, as well as a nice way for parents to get a copy of their children's performance in the talent show...without everyone having their own camcorder. At the show, the PTO offered DVD's and BluRay Discs available for "pre-order" at a cost of $5 for DVD and $10 for BluRay. The performance included 120 children in 71 individual acts. The Pre-order for DVD's was an extreme success, with 85 DVD's and 12 BluRay's ordered. Now that I've got the Raw footage recorded, I just need to produce the DVD's and BluRays... I used a Canon Vixia HF S200, which shoots 1080p at 30FPS (25mbps), and creates MTS files. After the show, I drag all the MTS files to Videowave timeline, and begin editing... I cut out all of the dead time, add a cool Animoto title slideshow, which contains still-pics and video clips from the evening... Now I'm ready to create the chapters. I should note that I use canon's 3second pre-record, so when I press the record button, the camera captures the three seconds before I pressed the button, and continues recording. I wait for the MC to start... "our next act will be John Smith, playing the piano..." I press the record button just after she starts talking. I stop recording after the act is over. To create the DVD, I simply add the Video clips to Videowave, and create a chapter point at the start of every video clip. So each act gets their own chapter on the DVD. (Note that an act can have anywhere from one to many students) I modify the "Talent show Program" to add the DVD chapter numbers next to their associated performance. I include a mini-print-out of the program in the inside cover of the DVD case. I also go through the program, and pull out each kid's name, and the act (or acts) in which they performed. I sort this list alphabetically, and print the Alphabetized list on the back cover of the DVD Case. So the parents (or kids) can use the program to see which child is in which chapter, or they can use the back cover to see the info in this format Abby Micheals Chapter 02 Brenda Smith Chapter 07 Candice Johnson Chapter 10 Derik Jones Chapter 22 Eric Anderson Chapter 6, 12 Frank Rizo Chapter 18 Greg Parkins Chapter 71 Zoe Clark Chapter 10 I want to express a special thanks to Jim Harden, who has taken an interest in this topic, and is the main reason for this separate thread... While I am very happy with the DVD's and BluRays turned out from this performance, I certainly realize that I don't know everything about the topic, and I'm very willing to take advice and learn from others who have more expertise than I... Thanks again. Eric
  12. psueric

    Trouble with Creating AVCHD Disc

    thanks for your feedback. I've created a single track, and burned it to bluray, and that corrected the audio sync problem. I've gone through, and added the chapter marks, and it's rendering now. I'll let you know the results. As for the 71 chapters. The video is an elementary talent show, with 71 acts. Each chapter is the beginning of an act. This way, the students/parents can view the disc, and jump directly to the start of each performance. Normally I would agree with you about having too many chapters, but in this case...it works for my situation... unfortunately, it took me almost 3 hours to "re-add" the chapters, once the video was converted to a single file. I opened a ticket with roxio tech support, to see if they could help with the problem. I'm hoping that they will have some suggestions. I would still like a real solution to this problem, as I make discs like this 4-5 times a year. I'm hoping that I don't have to go through this messed up process for future productions... Thanks for your help
  13. psueric

    Trouble with Creating AVCHD Disc

    I suppose that could be correct...except that the chapter markers are already created in videowave. In videowave, I easily created them at the beginning of each video clip. Once the project is converted to MyDVD, it's a simple process of editing the video, and changing each chapter mark to a chapter point. This takes about 5 minutes for the 71 chapters. As opposed to searching through a single file, and attempting to find the exact start point of each scene, so that I can "re-add" the chapter point, which already existed in my videowave production. I have been creating DVD's using this method for 5 years now. It seems wrong that I have to revert to a manual method, becuase the program doesn't work correctly. Since others have this same problem, I'm just hoping for a "solution" rather than a workaround, that doesn't really work... Thanks for taking the time to respond...even if we don't come up with a solution, It's nice to know that the community is trying to help...
  14. psueric

    Trouble with Creating AVCHD Disc

    As I stated in my post...the "Workaround" as mentioned in the previous post isn't a workaround for my situation, as I have a videowave project with 71 chapters. The program allows me to carry those chapter marks into my DVD project seemlessly. (however, in my case, as with the previous poster, I get an Audio Sync problem) The proposed workaround requires me to create a single video file (with no chapter markings) then add that single Video file into MyDVD (giving me a DVD project with no chapter marks) I could then spend countless hours, searching individually for the timepoints, and manually adding the chapter marks in MyDVD project. Since this problem is over a year old. And other users have identified the same problem...I'm hoping for a "fix" rather than a workaround that doesn't really work for me.
  15. psueric

    Trouble with Creating AVCHD Disc

    I am having a problem very similar to this user. here's my details I've got Roxio Creator 2010 Pro installed on my Dell Dimension DM061 computer. The computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit), Service Pack 2, The Processor is an Intel® Core2 CPU 4300@1.80GHz Memory is 3.00GB I've used Videowave to create a fairly standard production of video clips, which were all recorded on a canon vixia HF S200. When my production was complete, I used "Output - Send to MyDVD" in order to create an ISO ifle for burning to DVD. I selected DVD (without menus) for my production type. I added chapter breaks (71 of them) to my production, and hit "burn". An ISO file was created, which created a perfect DVD. Next, from MyDVD, I select "File - Change production to - BluRay. I hit "burn" again. This time, and ISO file was created, but when I burned the ISO file to BluRay, the Audio was out of sync with the video. At the start of the video, the Audio was ok, but within 30 minutes of watching the video, the audio track was noticably ahead of the video. By the end of the video 2:35:00, the audio was approx 2 seconds ahead of the video. I burned 2 BluRay discs using the ISO file, and both BluRay Discs were identical. I also burned have burned 2 iso files using the exact same MyDVD project, and the resulting ISO files were substantially different in size. Both files created BluRay Discs with the previously mentioned Audio Sync Problems, but the first disc had a slightly larger delay than the second disc. The resulting ISO file sizes were - 1st try - 15,466,889,216 bytes and the 2nd try - 15,467,282,432 bytes. As you can see, the 2nd try was almost 1MB larger than the 1st try. This isn't a substantial percentage difference, however, given that they were both created from identical sources, with identical options selected, I would have expected Identical results. Her solution to burn an MPG file first may work, however, then I lose all the 71 chapters that I created for my BluRay Disc. I would have to re-create them manually within MyDVD (and that wouldn't be any fun) Since this problem is from over a year ago, I'm hoping that someone has a solution by now.