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  1. PLEASE HELP!!!!I have upgraded to emc9,purchased my key code on the internet and after having to reformat my system,my account page with all my registered roxio products doesn't help because the download states it's been more than 30 days since purchase(July-2007)Now what?Lose my money?
  2. Cindy

    Activating MPEG-2 codecs

    I purchased Roxio 9 upgrade by download,now it closes after asking for activating Mpeg-2 codec to work,I see blank boxes for a code,my serial # is only 17 charactors,where do i find the 25 charactor activation product code I need ,my software keeps closing this is frustrating,Please help!
  3. Cindy

    Activating MPEG-2 codecs

    I just upgraded tp easy creator 9 and I keep getting the message first must activate codecs MPEG-2 no matter what I try to open,when I click on ok I then get another box showing just two arrows and a circled checked already(there is no text or imagages int the box,I then click on an arrow and a third arrow shows with the same rectangle boxes you get that requires the purchase code,I tried adding my code since I'm not sure what I'm being asked for since all is blank and that's not correct,when I try another arrow I get the printer box ,I'm not sure what this is,any suggestions?