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    Can't add movie with .mov or .mp4 or even .avi

    I have had issues with various files when it comes to DVDit Pro HD, such as .avi and other file types. One thing that I learned is that the file type that DVDit prefers is .mpeg2 (not .mpeg1). What I did was I got a program called Total Video Converter (http://www.effectmatrix.com/total-video-converter/). It runs from $30 to $60. For what it does, it works great. It converts just about every type of video file to just about every type of video file. I am glad I got it. I convert my video files to the .mpeg2 format and then run them through DVDit and burn them to disc. I like to burn my videos to an ISO image so I have a master of each. Then, I use IMGBurn (a free program) (http://www.imgburn.com/) to burn the ISO image to disc. This is my preferred way to do it, though you can definately burn directly to disc. Also, TmpgEnc 4 Xpress is a great program to encode videos.
  2. Yngwie

    SD Transcoding of .mpg2 videos

    Well, once I was finally able to burn an ISO image of four half-hour videos that I couldn't before, I thought I was good to go. Now that you mentioned it, I remember seeing forced re-encoding. I will try that later today. I guess I will look into Tmpeg 4 Xpress, since this is the second time I was told about it, since I appear to be coming across this stuff more often. One last question, I was able to change the target bitrate with .avi files which allowed me to fit more in an ISO image or on a disc, but not with .mpg2 files. Why is this? I am new to this and still learning (a lot!).
  3. Yngwie

    SD Transcoding of .mpg2 videos

    Well, I have yet another problem..., I think. When I have created ISO files from .avi videos and it is too large, I have been able to go into File/Project Settings/SD Transcoding and adjust the Target Bit Rate accordingly so the file will fit on the disc. Well, I have started to convert some of my videos to the .mpg2 format because they wouldn't work in the .avi format in the program. Well, I am trying to import 4 half-hour .mpg2 videos (that I converted) to create an ISO file with (it worked before), only they exceed the alotted size. When I go into project settings and change the target bitrate (as described above), the size does not change like with the .avi files. Is there a way to alter the size of .mpg2 files other than through the Target Bit Rate so they can stay within project limits?
  4. I have posted a couple times on this issue (Invalid Pathname - 19005), one for the error alone and one for trying to burn a multiple video disc to play on a stand alone DVD player. Well, I just burned those videos to disc and it played on a stand alone DVD player. Here's what I did (for those who are encountering this). I had .avi videos that kept getting the "Invalid Pathname - 19005" error message and would not burn to an ISO image. Thanks to someone who responded to my posting, I converted the .avi videos to the .mpg2 format (I initially tried the .mpg1 format, but it didn't work, so remember, convert the files to ".mpg2"). In fact, when I burned the .mps2 videos to an ISO image, it completed the process much, much faster then in the .avi format. There was another program mentioned by the gentleman who suggested the .mpg2 format in that same posting that follows: "TmpgEnc 4 Xpress is an excellent encoder to achieve DVD compliant elementary streams that won't be reencoded by DVDit Pro HD." I was succdessful without that program, but if you need it, try it. He knows his stuff. Anyway, thanks to the fine members of this site, I finally have success and a little more knowledge. Thanks to everyone.
  5. Yngwie

    Multi vid disc burning problem

    Wow. Thank you for all the information. I'll "process" all of this, try it, and get back.
  6. Yngwie

    Multi vid disc burning problem

    I had a problem with the "19005" error that I couldn't even got the vid to even start transcodingI got beyond it by converting the vids from .avi to MPEG1. I have tried twice to burn 4 of them to both a volume and an ISO image. Every time I try, I get just pass transcoding the audio and then get an unspecified error that stops the process and closes the application. To prep, I import a .jpg for the background. In the project settings/SD Encoding, I have tried both CBR and VBR and adjust the target bit rate accordingly. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks
  7. Yngwie

    Pathname is invalid - 19005

    Well, it appears that I solved my problem. Since the program worked fine with all files but these, I reread the manual, looking to find the preferred video format. It appeared that MPEG 1 & 2 was the preferred format, though most other file formats appeared to be compatable. I figured that since the files were probably corrupt and .avi, I would run them through a video converter I have. This way, I would hopefully convert the corruption right out of them. I started a sample burn with one video and it worked. I then did a full burn of one disc and it worked. Since there is limited info on this error, I would love any other solutions to the "Pathname is invalid - 19005" error.
  8. Yngwie

    Pathname is invalid - 19005

    Thank you for the reply. When I prepare the files to burn the ISO, the program automatically prepares the pathname. So far, it has worked fine with every other .avi. In fact, I just finished completing an ISO of "Home Alone" in the .avi format fine. I am thinking more and more that it is the files themselves. It is a number of "Wild America" shows that are about 25 minutes long. Again, I changed the pathname for these to another location (I didnot type it it, just used the "browse" function) with no luck. Could it be possible that somehow, it could be creating improper pathnames for just these files (as improbable as that seems)? I do not want to give up on this... it's a great learning experience.
  9. Yngwie

    Pathname is invalid - 19005

    I have used DVDit Pro HD to burn a few DVDs successfully. Today, I tried to burn four half-hour videos into one ISO image on my desktop. The original .avi videos are in a folder on the same desktop. I imported the videos no problem. They would play when in the program fine. I then got the setting where they needed to be, saved, and tried to burn the image. Just as it started to transcode the video, the error message "Pathname is invalid - 19005" came on the screen and the transcoding stopped. I searched these forums and found a couple of ideas. Here is what I did, so far: * I uninstalled and reinstalled the program - nothing * I changed the locations where the tem files are held - nothing * I tried both TV standards "NTSC" and "PAL/SECAM" - nothing * I unchecked "Load Sample Media" * I selected "Import all and attempt to transcode" * I changed the encode style to "VBR" * I changed the target bit rate to fit the disc After all of this, I can't burn the files to an ISO image. When I try to burn just one of them, I get the same error message. If it is the file (.avi), how do I check if the file is corrupt, incompatable etc, and if it's incompatable, can that be fixed? Thanks