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    Using Windows version on the Mac

    Thanks for the phone #. Just called Roxio and was told that Hardware is indeed the same and if I buy a separate copy of Toast 10 it will be able to capture from this device. Which is what I will do...
  2. Surge

    Using Windows version on the Mac

    RE: Quality - Even SD material when encoded with a bad coded looses details, old cameras with no image stabilization would create a mess with bad coded unless you would go into very high bitrate. RE Mac: I'm aware that there is MAC product available, BUT the product in COSTCO is something I can buy tomorrow and it costs less than the cheapest place I found for the MAC version (which I would have to order online and wait for delivery). I'm thinking hardware for Windows and MAC version is the same, the only difference is the box and bundled CD. If I could find MAC software for this device, it will most likely work, just looking for confirmation from somebody at ROXIO.
  3. Hello, in local Costco store (in Canada) I saw a windows package that I can buy tomorrow Costco Roxio Creator 2010 + Easy VHS to DVD I was wondering if I will be able to use it on the Mac by just downloading software from the website, I'm interested only in the capturing part and don't care at all about DVD burning as target will be a bunch of standard .m4v files or .mkv files since I want to use high quality x264 codec instead of very low quality Apple H264 codec. As far as I can see I can not buy Mac version in any retail stores nearby. I got a PAL VHS player on loan for a few days and web ordering is not really an option at this moment. Thank you.