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  1. I have some older video projects that I can't open because the referenced files could not be found. When I try to locate them om MyDVD's prompt, it only gives me the extension of the file I need - not the name and location. Mostly because I had to redo my hard drives. Is there any way to determine which files (video, audio, pictures, etc) is referenced in a specific project = the file names and the file locations of all referenced file in a specific project?
  2. I am using MyDVD 6 to make weekly training videos at mu church. The problem is that I uses files (e.g. pictures, avi's, music, etc) in the projects... and these files were scattered all over my hard drive. Then I bought an axtra hard drive and tranfered files to it. Now (when i open older MyDVD projects I get 'n message that says that there are missing files. BUT it only gives me the extension (e.g. .wav)for the missing file and not the actual name of the files. The result is that I don't know which file I have to find or where to look. So these are my questions: 1. Is there a setting I can change so that MyDVD 6 shows me the actual name of the file I have to find? OR 2. Is there a way to get a list of all the files associated with a specific project. This one would really help me a lot with the task ahead. Any help? Thanx Floris