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    Hd-Bd Transfer From Old Computer

    I transferred a copy of Toast 11 to my new mac pro but the HD-BD plug-in did not transfer. Does anyone know where that would be stored on the mac or do I have to pony up the $20 again?
  2. philiphotog

    Stuck At 99%

    Aye, the perils of upgrading. Roxio- please take note. Looks like a bug. Dropped in a MKV files to Toast 11 last night. No waiting for it to load up unlike Toast 10. I was thrilled. However, after getting to 99%, Toast 11 says 00:00 remaining and it's been like this for two hours. There's no spinning wheel or non response. Just sitting there. Is there a log file I can look at to see the status? Anyone else had this problem.
  3. philiphotog

    Upgrade Question

    Thanks everyone. So in the end, I just upgraded to the Toast Titanium and purchased another BD key for $20. I received an additional 15% off with a coupon.
  4. philiphotog

    Upgrade Question

    Considering upgrading from Toast Titanium 10 with the BD plug in. Which upgrade do I need if I'm not interested in the extras like Photoshop Elements but need the BD plug in? Toast 11 pro or just Toast 11? Do I have to pay for a new BD plug in again?