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  1. I am new to this forum, though not new to Roxio. I go back to ECDC and all its faults. I finally uninstalled it and moved over to NERO which continues to rule the house since 1994, albeit long in the tooth. I purchased Creator 2009 SE and never got around installing it, but I intend to do so shortly to xfer my VHS family pix to DVD. Though before I do that, please share with me the operating differences between it and the newer software they're promoting " VHS to DVD". In reading a few postings, posters advise against installing both sets of software due to conflicts. Understood, however which is more proficient at accomplishing its task???? I have a traditional Nvidea card Gforce 7600GT card installed. Will I require any specialized card to transfer the video from my player to the hard drive? Am I to assume the speed of the recording process is in real time (Glacial speed)? Most of my family videos are at least 2hrs long. Any recommendations to insure a simple process with adequate visual results? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Creator 2009 SE vs VHS to DVD

    When you write of a "capture Device" are you talking about that "dongle" with a USB plug on one side and a combination of SVHS & Analog video plus a female RCA female audio jacks? I have one which came with the Creator 2009 package. I forgot where I purchased it. So Am I to assume the VHS to DVD software represents just a small portion of the complete Creator 2009 bundle? I gather that is why you cannot have both products occupying the same machine as they will conflict? I also am considering moving over to NERO"S version of their latest software as I have always ended up with quality results when using the NERO 6 version.