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  1. Additional information on the solution to my DVD burn problem. Press Microsoft and R keys at the same time. In Open, type: msconfig then OK Select: Services tab. Select: Hide All Microsoft services Select: Disable All then Apply Reboot Reinstall Roxio NXT4 using the Repair option.
  2. I just completed a two hour remote session with a Corel Support tech. I have been in contact by email starting nine days ago. We had some time zone issues as he was in the middle of the night at 7am for me. The first hour was basically going through the process of how I was using My DVD to prepare the program for a DVD burn. He also tried the repair process. He was able to solve my problem. He did a clean boot. First he went into device manager and it did not seem like he did anything. Then he was in msconfig>services>disable all. He then applied, exit without restart. Then he pulled up a reboot command, then he rebooted. He then did a repair program from my original download folder for NXT 4. After the repair was completed he had me go to My DVD, I dragged my video file in, did a preview, clicked on the burn key and my DVD burned. When I asked him why this worked, he indicated that the services running at start up were causing an unsuccessful repair process. After disabling the running services and a reboot, the program was able to do a successful repair. Again, I would like to thank all of you for your posts. Hopefully what I have posted here will help others with the same problem. This was my only issue with NXT 4. I am hoping that I will be able to use it to produce quality VHS to DVD programs.
  3. Additionally, in an effort to see if the BIOS update was a possible concern: I went into my program files(x86)>HP Support Framework>HPSF. I selected Updates and Tune-ups. HP Support scanned for updates and tune-ups. No updates were available for download. I clicked on the the updates tab and again it was indicated "no updates available".
  4. From the main menu, I am selecting "Create DVDs". I have been selecting DVD, not AVCHD or blu ray. The program is given a name using the date, I leave it. The save to location is a folder on an external hard drive. I click OK. I select the theme and I drop and drag an .mpg file from my video folder. One .mpg file. My project is ready to burn. I preview it using the play button and I see the theme, menu, movie title, background music and the intro video clip play. Using the "remote" I push ok and my video plays. Then I click the burn key. No burn. I have tired more than one .mpg file and I have tried two different AVI files also. Each time I drop and drag my selection into the program and proceed as I have detailed here. I have used Creator NXT 4 to burn an audio CD, no problem. I have also taken a production from Videowave, and while in Videowave, clicked on the DVD icon on that page and created a video file and saved it. I can then go to the main menu and select Burn Data Disc, add the video file and burn a DVD. This works just fine and I can play the DVD on my DVD player. But I don't get the theme, menu, titles, musical intro, etc. that I would get if My DVD was working.
  5. For some reason, I was able to complete a reinstall this morning. I did not hear back from Tech Support on the License Key issue, but for some reason I did not get kicked out. I would download the free trail version of revouninstaller, http://www.revouninstaller.com/ I would uninstall all Roxio software. When you highlight the software to uninstall right click on it and choose moderate mode. When all Roxio software is removed reboot the PC shut down all running programs including antivirus/firewall software then install NXT 4 software, reboot the PC and update it through the program. I followed this procedure to the letter. Everything went just fine. But, unfortunately, the results were the same when I tried to burn the DVD. When I click the Burn Key, it does indicated that it is "initializing burn", then quickly moves on to "Burning Disc, please wait. This is where everything stops. I then need to cancel, the program indicates that the DVD was not burned, and I must click "finish". I have also, again, tried to "save project to an IOS Image". I get this error message: Unknown Error Exception from HRESULT:0xC20100AD then: MYDVD App has stopped working. Close Program. I did run an HP Support Solutions driver update. Getting a BIOS update from the manufacturer would be a separate issue?
  6. I am off of my computer until this afternoon. I will post an update at that time. Thank you for help and suggestions to this point.
  7. Thank you for your post. I downloaded Revo Uninstaller. Uninstalled all Roxio software. Reboot. Turned off antivirus, etc. Reboot. Went to reload the NXT 4 software and was informed that I had used the product key too many times. All of my previous attempts to reload the software. I need to get my software download restored. I will do that, try your suggested reload procedure then. I will post results.
  8. New install of Creator NXT 4, replacing Creator NXT hp p6-2310 Windows 10 home AMD A4-3420 APU with Radeon HD HD Graphics 2.80 Ghz 6.00GB 64 bit operating system x64-based processor I am having a problem burning a DVD using Creator NXT 4, Create DVD. I have read the various posts here and tried the suggestion to turn of the anti-virus program (Windows Defender), the firewall (Windows Firewall) and registry cleaner (Ccleaner) run the repair of NXT4, reboot, and turn all of the above back on. This did not solve my DVD burning problem. I have also tried an update of drivers from hp, also based on information from a post here. I updated using hp Support Solutions. That has not fixed my problem. I have also been trying to use Roxio Tech Support, so, below is detail of other suggestions that I have tried to this point. The Tech Support has been very slow, it has been spread out over six days. And at this point, I have not received a suggestion that has corrected the problem. ME: New install of Roxio Creator NXT4. Replaced Roxio Creator NXT because Videowave stopped working. Couldn't fix. Now using NXT4, trying to Create DVD. Click DVD to create new project. Select theme, drag content (.mpg file), preview the program. Looks great. Using the burn key, try to burn to DVD. Won't burn. Says, Burning Disc, Please Wait, 0%. Never changes from 0%. Does not burn. Have reinstalled program. Still doesn't work. Very frustrating! A note here. I have allowed to let the burn process to run for as long as an hour. During the time, while trying to solve the problem, I have attempted the burn process over 20 time. Each time the result is the same. Nothing ever happens, it stays at 0%, and I must cancel the process for it to stop. There is never an error message. It does not lock up my computer, as I can cancel. The program indicates that the DVD has not been burned and I must click “finish”, in order to end the process. TECH SUPPORT: Please try and/or check for the following. ·Try burning using another disc ? Use of a disc with RW lalbel is recommended for you can use it over and over. ME: I have tried several discs. No RWs. 4.7GB and 8.5GB DVRs.· TECH SUPPORT: Please check if there are corrupted file on your image for they might be the one causing your files to not burn.Corrupted file on my image? ME: How would this be determined? If you mean the video clip file that I dragged while using My DVD, if it was corrupt, why would the preview work? I have tried a different video clip. Again, I can preview the program just fine. Does not burn. TECH SUPPORT: Please check your DVD drive's driver if it is in the latest version. ME: I have searched for an update and the result was "Best Driver Already Installed. ME: Since I sent my first email, I have tried this: From Videowave, I have a four clip production completed. I clicked on the DVD icon and a video file is created and I saved it. I can then go to the Burn Data Disc screen, add the video file and burn a DVD. It burns just fine and I can play the production on my DVD player. This works to get my clips to a DVD, but I don't get the theme, menu, titles, etc. that I am suppose to get from My DVD. If the burn is successful from the Burn Data Disc , why does it not work from the My DVD? I have now also used the program to successfully burn an audio CD. TECH SUPPORT: Please do the following. Delete Temporary files. • To delete the Windows Temporary Files, please follow these steps: a) On your keyboard, press and hold the "Windows Logo" and the "R" keys to launch the "Run" dialog box. On the "Run" box, type: %temp% c) Click "OK" or press "Enter" to open the Temp directory folder window. d) On your keyboard, press and hold the "Ctrl" and the "A" keys to Select All of the files. e) Press the "Delete" key and then click "Yes" on the message asking if you are sure to move the selected items (files) to the Recycle Bin. f) Skip all files that cannot be deleted (there are usually about 3 to 5 temp files in use by Windows at any given time which cannot be deleted). g) Close the Temp directory folder window. • To delete the Temporary Internet Files, please follow these steps: a) Press and hold the "Windows Logo" and the "R" keys to launch the "Run" dialog box. On the "Run" box, type: inetcpl.cpl c) Click "OK" or press "Enter" to launch the Internet Properties dialog box. d) Click the "General" tab and under "Browsing history", click "Delete". e) On the "Delete Browsing History" dialog box, put a check on the box for "Temporary Internet files and website files" then click "Delete". f) Click "Apply" and click "OK". Let me know how this goes. ME: I followed the steps that you detailed. The temporary files were deleted. The temporary internet files were deleted. I then went to My DVD to set up my theme, drop and drag my .mpg clip in and then previewed the program. Again everything worked great up to this point. I clicked the DVD burn key, and again nothing. Stays on 0% and no burn. I went back to the temporary files and here is what is now in there: MYDVDtemp Images (empty) SubPicProd thumbnailVideo_TD (empty)ProduceTemplateROXF065ROXR065temp ME: I have gone to my program files to do some checking. In ProgramFiles>Roxio>RoxioBurnDated 8/14/2015contents: RB_Contextmenu64.dll and RB_VirtualFolder64.dll In ProgramFiles(x86)>Roxio Roxio Folder (dated 3/10/16)Roxio Creator NXT (22 folders all dated 1/9/2014)Roxio Creator NXT 4 (24 folders some dated 3/10/2016 and some dated 3/17/2016) I thought that Roxio Creator NXT was removed during the installation of NXT 4? Why is there a NXT folder still in my program files (x86)? Could this be causing a problem? What is the Roxio Burn folder from 2015 doing in my program files? Could this be causing a problem? I see that there is a Roxio Burn folder inside the NXT 4 folder and it is full of "stuff". Is the ProgramFiles>Roxio>RoxioBurn the problem? ME: I was concerned that there were still old program files on my computer after the install of NXT4. I sent you a list of these folders in my last email. I have now removed all Roxio folders and uninstalled NXT and NXT4 from my computer. I then reinstalled NXT4. Now all of the folders are back, but they are all dated 2/22/2016. There is no longer an NXT folder. Only NXT4. After this, I went into MY DVD to set up my program. Same problem when I try to burn a DVD. Stays on 0%. I then tried a different approach by trying to save the project to an ISO image. I was planning on using the Burn Data Disc and burning the ISO file in this manner. I have been using the Burn Data Disk and it works fine. When I selected the Save Project to an ISO Image command, I got this error message: Unknown Error Exception from HRESULT:0xC20100AD then: MYDVD App has stopped working. Close Program. So, not only can I not burn to a DVD, but I cannot save the project to an ISO image.
  9. I am going to try your burn to Video_Ts folder suggestion I went back to look at the three original DVDs that I had burned and I noticed that one was better quality than the other two. I can't confirm it, but I am wondering if the first burn was better than the next two? The second and third DVDs had been done by just staying on the MyDVD window, putting in a new DVD and clicking on the burn key again. No reason that there would be any variation in the video quality, but for some reason there is? I was able to solve my Videowave problem. I said that I was going to try my capture and burn command, but I think that was actually in an earlier version of Roxio software that I had. Instead, I went into Edit Video Advanced. I added the video file using Add Photo/Video. That opened the file which had already been trimmed as I needed it, so I did not need to edit. From the tabs on this window, I selected Output and then Send to MyDVD. Then I selected the DVD icon and was expecting to see the Videowave error. But it worked. So I was able to get past the problem. While burning, I had a chance to look at the check list, Open Project, Encode Movies, Record Menus, and Complete. The unsuccessful burn that I had was when it hung up at 94% complete and the Record Menus was not checked. When I clicked cancel to stop the burn, that may have caused the Videowave problem, but who knows? Thank you for all of your suggestions on this.
  10. Thanks again for you thoughts on this. I wish I could remember the four green checks that need to happen. It goes through this list whenever I burn, usually successfully, so I don't pay that much attention. I think that the third check is burn the DVD and the fourth is finish. And yes it was for the video over two hours. When I burned the three DVDs yesterday, these were from the same video, captured in the DV mode. So I did get the video to DVD three times. My new video is in the DVD HQ capture mode, but from the same VHS tape. Again the capture step went just fine. I have trimmed just a few seconds from the beginning and end of the video. I am launching MyDVD from the home page. From there I click the DVD icon and then that is when I have an error message. I am going to try starting over with the capture and burn command. Also may need to so some searching for the software disk to see if a repair is possible. I will post again after I have tried these options.
  11. I appreciate the "fit-to-disk" suggestion. This is what I have been using. If I can get My DVD going again, I will use this information. And yes, I have now learned that I should be using the DVD HQ capture setting. Any suggestions on the videowave problem? Do I need my original NXT software disk? Will an upgrade to a newer version work. Of the 2,or 3 versions, is one better?
  12. Sorry. Missed one item. After capturing the recording using DVD HQ successfully, I went to create a DVD. I used the 8.5 GB setting for the disk and started the burn. It seemed to be going normally until it indicated that it had reached 94% completed. Then it just seemed to hang up. I waited for at least 15 minutes and there was no change in the percentage. There are four tasks listed when it is doing the burn. The first two had green checks, the third one never checked. It just seemed to stop. So I cancelled and started again. I seem to recall this is not the first time this has happened to me. I just start the create DVD process over again. Didn't work this time.
  13. I have used the program for many vhs tape transfers in the past. This project started with the capture of 2 hours and 44 minutes of recording from a vhs tape. I have had issues with capture and burn in the past, so I do this in separate steps. I successfully captured the recording using the Roxio Video Capture USB. From there, I went to create DVD and I burned three DVDs to 4.7 gb disks. All went well. When I viewed the DVDs in a DVD player and LED TV, I saw that the video quality was not as good as what I had seen on my computer screen during the capture. The video was not smooth. The sound was fine. I was wondering if an output to a 8.5 dual layer DVD would give me better output? In talking to someone, I was asked to check my capture setting to be sure it was at the highest setting. I discovered that I was capturing using the DV capture setting. I changed this to the DVD HQ setting and successfully captured the recording using this new setting. Next, I went to create DVD. For project type, I select the DVD icon and I get the error message, "Videowave Stopped Working". I must click, close program and when I do it closes Roxio MyDVD.
  14. I have a Videowave stopped working error. I am using Roxio Creator NXT (V14.0.36.0; Is this the original version of NXT? I was creating a DVD and have done this many times successfully. I burned three DVDs successfully, yesterday. Today, the burn would not finish. It stopped at 94%. So I canceled. On my next attempt to create a DVD, I got the Videowave message right after I clicked on the DVD icon. I checked, and I can still do a video capture. After some research, I renamed the Roxio folder, Roxio.old and restarted my computer. That did not work. I see that it is suggested that I reload the software disk. To be honest, I cannot remember if this version was an update that I downloaded or that I may, in fact, have a disk. Perhaps it is time for me to consider the upgrade to NXT Version 4? I may prefer this unless there is a easy fix. If I upgrade to Version 4, will my Videowave problem go away? I am running Windows 8, 64 bit.