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  1. I installed and reinstalled roxio 2010 more than 50 times and all progams seem to work well away from cineplayer. It started to play then a error message comes cineplayer encounter a problem and will have to close. if i dont close the error message it will play for a time. if i click send error message to microsft it froze.if i click the x to close error message cineplayer close.also i am very dissappointed in the technical support for roxio because they no they did not rectify the problems but they close your ticket. i even use my original windows xp to run a repair on my pc and started a fresh at begining and run all updates to present and then reinstall roxio 2010 and the cineplayer still having issues.i even called microsoft and some of their techs try to even help to see what the problem was and they couldnt resolved it. at least they try but if i call roxio as soon as they get my ticket number we are looking into the problem but later i check my email they send me the same thing over and over to do then they started to close tickets.
  2. after i update to windows xp service pack 3 i notice my cd roms wont work and i install 2 new ones only to realize they wasn;t reconize by roxio easy creator 7.5. i uninstall roxio and reinstall it and matters get worst.i went into my registry and delete some filters and the cd rom was reconize by all other program otherelse from roxio 7. i called myself try everything but there is a conflict with roxio and my cd roms since i update to sp3.i cannot find no other burning software with the options i had with the classic creator in roxio 7.
  3. i have sonic cineplayer and dvd decoder for a while and my pc got a virus and i have to repair windows with my original windows disk to get rid of the virus.some of my programs i have to uninstall and reinstall them.sonic is one of the program i will have to probably uninstall and reinstall but the problem is that when i go to sonic website and put my order number and password in all my information comes up but no place to re-download it.any place on the site i try to open it is blank as if it is outdated.i also purchase an extended download and i cannot get to re-download it.