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    Please connect to any USB 2.0 port

    I quite agree. I've already called to make sure I can get an exchange. Thanks agin for your input and help.
  2. valiant200

    Please connect to any USB 2.0 port

    Thanks for the info and suggestion above. I do not have access to another Mac, but I now see that: Through the System Profiler on my iMac, the USB port recognizes the Roxio hardware as "USB 2861 Device". So the computer IS actually seeing that something is connected to the port. So is the issue now the computer and the software not recognizing each other? I followed the instructions exactly, step by step from the "Getting Started Guide." and as far as I can tell it's the latest version of the software 1.0.3 20 min later.... Okay, looking at it further on the Roxio site, I downloaded a driver updater but it looks to be the same version that come on the disc. (1.0.3) It's creation date is Sept. 22. 2009. Maybe Roxio hasn't gotten around to updating it for my Operating System 10.6.3 maybe? I've uses Roxio Toast in the past and really do like their products.
  3. valiant200

    Please connect to any USB 2.0 port

    Thanks for the reply tsantee. I figured that same bit about the iMac not seeing/recognizing the Capture hardware. I've tried both ideas already. I also tried attaching all the items in different orders. As for the USB ports. The Apple site Technical Specifications page actually lists "Four USB 2.0 ports on computer; two USB 2.0 ports on keyboard" http://support.apple.com/kb/SP507
  4. When launching Easy VHS to DVD for Mac application I get a message window stating: "Please connect your Easy VHS to DVD Capture Hardware to any USB 2.0 port" I've tried all 4 USB ports on the back of my computer and get the same message when launching the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac application. Under the System Profiler > Hardware > USB > USB Devise Tree it shows two "USB High-Speed Bus" and two "USB Bus" The USB ports on the back of the iMac are not marked with anything other than the USB symbol. Any help? imac 10.6.3 2.66 GHz Intel core 2 duo 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3