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    how to remove roxio media manager

    Thanks for your help!!! I do get two weird DOS looking windows that open now when i reboot but i close them and move on.
  2. pmarie57

    how to remove roxio media manager

    yes i did. Plus I think I fixed the problem from that Windows Uninstaller package you had me download. I found Roxio media manager while running that program and deleted it. Rebooted and so far its not trying to install.
  3. pmarie57

    how to remove roxio media manager

    I just went to Add/Remove Programs again in Control Panel. I see Roxio 2010 and Roxio Photoshow which were both last used yesterday, when I downloaded Roxio Creator 2010. However, I also see the following programs from Sonic...Sonic Audio Module, Sonic Copy Module, Sonic DLA and Sonic RecordNow Data. Those files have not been accessed since 2006 ( probably when I bought this computer ). I'm wondering if those need to be removed also??? any thoughts? (fyi,,,as I'm typing this Roxio media manager and windows installer keep popping up grrrr).
  4. pmarie57

    how to remove roxio media manager

    My computer is 5 years old but didn't come with 2010, it came with Roxio Media Manager (I guess) and I've read that Dell embeds that into its software. I haven't used anything to burn disks in a couple of years so don't remember what program it was using. I was told by a techy that downloading 2010 would fix the problem, however it didn't. I did try the cleanup utility link you sent me and i thought it worked but every time i reboot, Roxio Media manager still tries to install. Once I cancel it about 3 times, it goes away but will out of nowhere try to install itself again. In fact, running the cleanup .eze file was difficult because Roxio kept trying to install and it won't install 2 programs at once. So that was a bit frustrating but i finally timed it right. Oh well, I'm turning it over to my tech guys to figure out and in the meantime will just have to live with it, like you said. I have already uninstalled Roxio media manager but it must have left something in my computer. I've turned it off from loading at start up also yet it still does. LOL. As i was typing this it just tried to install again and 3 cancel clicks shuts it off. I appreciate your help. I think its something I need from Dell and of course i didn't buy their warranty so they will want to charge me $150 or more to fix it. Maybe a new computer is the answer.
  5. pmarie57

    how to remove roxio media manager

    I have a Dell and Media Manager came with it I guess. I do not have the original disks to reload it. Not for Blackberry use. I bought computer 5 years ago. In start menu I do see Roxio 2010 and Media Manager but there is no Media Manager in the control panel. I will try the installer cleanup utility and let you know if that fixes it. Very annoying, roxio media manager just keeps trying to install automatically when i reboot and after i've already cancelled without rebooting. Plus it keeps me from installing other programs because its trying to install. I'm thinking its a Dell problem and part was deleted, including the .msi file its looking for but the rest wasn't deleted.
  6. I downloaded Roxio Creator 2010 after i was told this would fix my problem with Roxio Media Manager trying to load but not finding the .msi file it needs and I don't have the disk. Roxio Media Manager continues to try and load causing other programs not to load or install. How do I get rid of Roxio Media Manager totally? It is not set to run at start-up and cancelling the install works sometimes but it always tries to install again after a few minutes. HELP!