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    Dvd+r Dl Burning Error

    Yes, it's Memorex. Thanks. Do you know kwhat causes the problem?
  2. fimoc

    No Ac3 Support?

    if you don't need to keep the audio in a somewhat large AC3 format, there's a good program called mAC3dec that is free and can be downloaded from all major osx download sites such as versiontracker. It will convert AC3 files to many formats including mpeg layer 3 and mpeg-4 audio as well as other formats such as the larger and lossless? AIFF, and could significantly reduce file sizes (especially if lower bitrates can be tolerated)
  3. fimoc

    Dvd+r Dl Burning Error

    Hi all- I have an HP 740e external DVD writer that I am using to attempt to backup data with using Toast7. However, the burning process hangs at the "writing lead-out" stage and will not complete. The discs are still unusable at this point. Any thoughts?