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    .toast an unsupported format in Toast 9?

    Ok the .toast file has been dragged into the Copy/Image File area. Do I choose "Select..." or "Mount" or simply hit the red button?
  2. lynnlouise

    .toast an unsupported format in Toast 9?

    I took some advice to "Save as a Disc Image" a HD movie file from iMovie. After it was saved to my Desktop, I dragged it into the Toast 9 Content Area to burn a DVD. Low and behold I got a popup message that my .toast file "is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported". That seems odd but maybe someone can explain it?
  3. lynnlouise

    Blue Ray plug in

    I think they are probably different but I had the same trouble trying to find the plug in for Toast 9. Here it is: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast9/p...n/overview.html
  4. lynnlouise

    -39 error message

    Yes I have the most current firmware for my LaCie drive. My burner manufacturer tech asked me how or if Toast would behave with iMovie files. Could this be the problem, although in the Toast 9 User Guide on pg. 88 it tells how to add an iMovie HD project.
  5. lynnlouise

    -39 error message

    I've just emailed tech support at LaCie - thanks for the suggestion, tsantee.
  6. lynnlouise

    -39 error message

    I tried burning a couple of Blu ray discs today and I got that m2ts message along with the error -39 one... they both popped up just as the burn was finishing up. I looked further down in this forum and saw another person with the same situation as mine, right down to the LaCie Blu Ray burner. I hate to waste any more Blu Ray discs but I'll try Saving as a Disc Image tomorrow and see what happens. So far Roxio Tech Support has not been able to help. Thanks for responding tsantee.
  7. lynnlouise

    -39 error message

    I am getting the same error code: "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error. Result code = -39" and, "The file "00001.m2ts" could not be accessed. (Data fork, -39)" I have a Mac OS X v10.5.8, Toast 9 v9.0.7a, Blu Ray plugin, external Blu Ray burner connected with fire wire 800 and working fine. I looked over the Sense Key/Code error for Mac products and the Resolving General Burning Issues with Macs Knowledgebase Articles on the Roxio site and made a few of the changes in the Recorder settings. I noticed on the Toast updates pages there was a problem with error code -39 in earlier Toast 9 versions but this should be fixed with this newer version, right? Any help would be appreciated!