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  1. I have no windows sample files, I think that windows 10 doesn't have them. Besides, it is an avi file I am trying to make a DVD with. I captured the file with a Sony GV-D200 DVD recorder for transferring Hi8 tapes to computer. I also have captured some with my video camera through a Dazzle DVC 100 device. As mentioned before, that is why I upgraded to NXT4, my old Roxio wouldn't recognize the dazzle after I upgraded to windows 10. I opened the captured video into video wave did a few trimmings, added a title and tried to export to a DVD video file, and also tried to author the video getting the errors mention above. I then installed an old Corel Video Studio and edited the same file by trimming and adding a title, then was able to export and create a DVD file from there. I used that mpg2 file to try to burn a DVD in Roxio, but that is where the MyDVD freezes at 99% burn. The problem can't be just the one file because I have captured several avi files and they all do the same thing. If I bring in a short mp4 file, and I did find a small avi file taken with a digital camera, they export ok. My captured files are from one hi8 tape which is about 2 hours. I have, in the past, with windows 7 and Roxio Creator 2010 been able to do what I am attempting to do now. I have also found another problem that I don't know if it is related. I now use a Sony video camera that records AVCHD files. It is memory stick only and in the past I have been able to put an 8 GB memory card in the computer and use the Archive AVCHD files onto DVD. It would multi span 2 disks and burn just fine. Now, however, I get an error on the first disk saying that there is not enough free storage. I can burn a 4GB memory stick onto 1 DVD without any problems. This all tells me that that somehow Roxio isn't using my memory correctly to render which I don't really understand. Oh, and about the mpg4, I want a smaller file to keep on my computer for viewing on my TV wirelessly via my network. So I want to have the DVD for a DVD player (to share with some family that need this format) and mp4 to store the video file on a hard drive to watch. I can however bring the avi file into handbrake and convert to mpg4. I can figure a lot of work arounds, just would like to be able to make it a simpler process and use Roxio as intended especially since I put out the money for the upgrade. Let's see, more specs on my computer: Windows 10 Home 64 bit System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3301 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Total Physical Memory 7.91 GB Available Physical Memory 3.78 GB Total Virtual Memory 15.9 GB Available Virtual Memory 9.98 GB Is that enough or do you need more?
  2. When I bring an avi file into video wave to edit it and try to export the video file out it always freezes on the same frame while rendering. It doesn't matter what type of video file I try to export. I have tried different videos and each one freezes approximately 5 minutes into the rendering. If I select the author video option, I get a buffering error about 2 minutes into the rendering. I have windows 10 64bit. Also, if I try to burn a DVD it burns to 99% then quits and nothing has burned on the DVD. I submitted a case but have been waiting 2 weeks for an answer. I just bought NXT4 since my old Roxio Creator wouldn't recognize my capture device after upgrading to Windows 10. The capture works good to capture old hi8 video tapes. I just can't do anything with the captured avi file. I want to compress it to an Mpg4 and also burn to a DVD for viewing in a DVD player after editing the video.
  3. digi123

    Archive Avchd Question

    I use the Archive AVCHD to backup my video files from my sony hdr cx7 camera to DVD so that I can have a backup and be able to play it in my bluray player. I usually backup directly from my memory stick and also copy the AVCHD folder to my hard drive for storage and editing. When I try to do a AVCHD Archive with the files on my hard drive I get an error about 2%-10% into the burn. The error is- invalid duration:Video stream duration is not in an integer of video frames. The DVD is still usable after the error. Can anyone help me? I have done several searches and can find nothing about that error message. I usually just copy the BDMV folder to the hard drive.
  4. digi123

    Avchd Archive Problem

    I have a sony hd video camera and for two years have used the archive avchd to save my video files onto DVD for backup purpose, and for future viewing purposes when I get a blueray player. For most of my videos I use a 4GB memory stick which archives nicely onto one DVD. I have an 8GB memory stick that I used some of the time and have had no trouble in the past using Archive AVCHD onto two disks. I simply put my memory stick in the reader, open AVCHD Archive, it reads my card, and I click go, then it prompts me to insert disk 2. When I now try to burn an Archive from my 8GB card, I get a "not enough free storage" error at 90% and the DVD is no longer usable, with no files on it. It seems that roxio won't burn a multidisk archive for me. I still can burn a single disk archive from my 4GB memory stick. The 8GB card has 260 mts files on it. Would this be an issue? Roxio will create a multidisk data backup just fine, just not the avchd archive.
  5. digi123

    Chapter Menu Problems

    When I create a DVD I import my clips into My DVD as one movie, then choose edit chapters and create a chapter for each clip I imported using the start of each panel option. I click for it to generate the chapter menus and buttons automatically, and it seems to do a great job at that, so I have a chapter for each of the clips I originally imported. For instance, I am doing a movie of my sons high school soccer games, and have a separate mpg clip for each game. I pulled 5 games into My DVD project, clicked for it to make one movie, then generated chapters based on the start of each panel. I then have 5 chapters generated, and each one is assigned a chapter button on the menu. Each one shows the correct original game clip and each chapter button is linked to go to the whole movie, but the play from has the chapter of just that game selected. When I preview and select a chapter to play, it just plays from the first of the movie and not that chapter. I can't select a chapter under the go to on the link, only the movie, but should the play from chapter selection make it so that it plays just that chapter. I want the chapter selection available as well as play the whole movie and usually create a linked button to accomplish this. How do I get my chapter menu buttons to play only the chapter?
  6. digi123

    chapter linked buttons problem

    I am thinking that the preview is in correct. I haven't actually burned the dvd to see how it would turn out, but I did another dvd with the same clips, this time inserting each one as a separate movie. In the preview, when I clicked on a movie, it would preview the wrong one,but I went ahead and burned the dvd anyway and amazingly, the dvd works just fine, plays the correct movie when selected. What is up with the preview of MyDVD?
  7. digi123

    chapter linked buttons problem

    each chapter is at least 10 minutes. It is a full dvd movie I am trying to make
  8. I am using Roxio Creator 2010. I have 7 different clips I brought into myDVD, and selected the option of making them one movie, so therefor I have only one movie or title in my project. I then added chapters using the option to add a chapter at each panel, which perfectly makes a chapter for each of the seven clips I am using. I left the selection to generate chapter menus and linked buttons. In the preview when I select a chapter to play each chapter starts from the beginning of the movie, not the chapter selected. When I highlight a chapter button and check the settings, the go to link is the name of the movie (title), the play from link is the chapter number, and the play after link is use title action. Anything I try does not work. Don't know what I am doing wrong, please help. Also, when I highlight the chapter button and right click, then click "go to linked movie/menu, it plays the correct chapter, the problem is clicking the chapter button always takes me to the beginning of the whole title/movie. Added: When I add chapters, I get an error message saying some chapters were not added because of spacing rules, however all chapters are there that I wanted. Does this mean anything? Can't find that error in the forums anywhere.