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    Video Export apsect ratio, confused (i checked the obvious)

    i tried right clicking on the .mod file, there's nothing 'packaged' within it. i cant open the .mod file with the VLC player, BUT i can re-name the video file with a .dv and open it with the VLC player, and it looks fine, but i cant import this into iMovie, and quicktime wont open it either, thus it's useless. havent tried burning to a DVD, but when i import the Toast Export Video file into iMovie, it's still 'narrow' i appreciate your help, really i do, i hope i can get to the bottom of this
  2. Blitzvixen

    Video Export apsect ratio, confused (i checked the obvious)

    i dont have firewire, only a usb connection from my camera, i tried my iSquint program, and that converts the video just fine with proper aspect, except it's for putting video onto an ipod. for actual larger video toast is my only option, i'm just so confused why toast makes the converted video image so narrow! again, this is driving me nuts! any help is appreciated guys, thank you so much
  3. Blitzvixen

    Video Export apsect ratio, confused (i checked the obvious)

    Hey thanks for getting backs to me. You say i can import directly from my video camera to Toast? is this just in the Toast Titanium program? i cant seem to locate an option to 'import' video? can you please point me in the right direction? thanks!
  4. Hey everyone. I have Canon FS10, simple camcorder, i've recorded with both the 4:3, and 16:9 settings on the camera. When i bring the .MOD files into Toast Titanium, during the export, i'll choose .dv , or .dv (16:9) -- and the product is 'narrowed' (the image is squished vertically) on the camera's viewport, it's fine, ya know, people & objects are played-back in proper sizing, but for some reason now matter how i export it with TT, the output is always 'narrow'. its driving me nuts, i feel as if i've tried everything. thus i turn to you guys. haaaaalppp! thank you in advance, i really gotta fig this out very soon. Mac OSX 10.4.11, Intel