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    Jam 6.0.3 Updater Link Broken, Run In Parallels In 10.6.8?

    I have been running Jam 6.0.3 on 10.6.8 (native) with no issues. I don't think it can run on any further beyond this OS (at least without virtual assistance.)

    Switched To Intel Mac, Lost All Jam 6 Data.

    Meant to say "on 10.6.8 and Jam 6.0.3" in that last opening sentence.

    Switched To Intel Mac, Lost All Jam 6 Data.

    Re-reading your last posts, are you saying that you are on 10.6.8 and still can't open Jam files? If so, what happens when you try to launch Jam on it's own as an app? If it opens, then my suggestion is to locate one of your Jam files, press "Command I" to get info. and then look for the "Open with:" option in the mini window and change from opening with toast to Jam and apply to all files "like this one." That should do it for all your Jam files.

    Switched To Intel Mac, Lost All Jam 6 Data.

    If you use & really like the functionalities in Jam, I say stay with it - especially for the cross-fade feature. Unlike subsequent versions of Toast I've tried, with Jam, cross-fades play back seamlessly without that annoying interuption of audio during the transition between tracks when you listen your mixes/projects using Jam itself as a player. FYI, I don't think Jam 6.0.3 will work beyond 10.6.8.

    Switched To Intel Mac, Lost All Jam 6 Data.

    Make sure you are using Jam 6.0.3
  6. Has the audio burp that occurs at the point of applied transitions while monitoring the mix been eliminated with Toast 11?

    Toast 11 Will Not Display Itunes In Media Window

    Not sure if this is relevant but I just started having this same problem with iTunes not showing up in my media window for Jam 6.0.3. When I highlight iTunes in the "choose an object" window, the framework for iTunes library appears as before but nothing is populated in the play list or track areas. This began right after I did a software update to 10.6.7 a week or so ago. I'm also no longer able to drag tracks from iTunes directly into Jam. I also run Toast 10.0.6 but the media window still works.

    Burn Multiple Tracks As Single Track?

    First, save the project as a .sd2f file. Then open that file with a sound editing program and re-save it as a .aif file. That should do the trick.

    Cannot Drag And Drop Itune's Files Into Toast

    I am experiencing the same thing using Jam 6.03. Noticed it for first time the other day. Can drag files to desktop but not to Jam. It looks like Jam wants to accept the file - the black line illuminates in the playlist window but nothing will drop in upon drag release.

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    SOLVED! Turns out I did not have Jam updated to version 6.0.3 and once I did that, no problems.

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Yes, I also transferred Toast 6 and related 4 files are in the ~/user/library/preferences folder but I don't find a com.roxio.Jam.plist in the Mac Hard Drive/Library/preference folder. (I also find duplicates of the T&J .plists & Preference files in the User Preference folder of a Tech-Tools Pro E-Drive on the same PB but won't be moving those over.)

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Well, I just tried copying Toast & Jam over from an old G4 Powerbook connected via Target mode (last time I did this was via file sharing.) The apps and the .plist and preference files seem to match the same format as on the PB but the apps still just bounce in dock and don't launch. I'm becoming convinced that this has to do w/ my MBP. I've also had a confirmation that the 2010 MBPs won't boot or run Leopard so going back to 10.5.9 is not an option.

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Are you trying this on one of the new 2010 MBPs? That's what I am having the issue on - it's running 10.6.3 (pre-installed) and I believe it's either the OS or the machine that has something to do with Jam not working. As I indicated above, I've tried a few methods to get it to work, the most recent was connecting my 2010 MBP in Target mode to an Intel iMac (successfully running Jam on 10.5.8) and installing Jam again via the original dmg file. Installation was successful but Jam still won't launch - it just bounces in the dock for a few seconds and quits. The .plist files are there & where they belong and seem to be proper format but the Roxio Jam Preferences file differs in that it appears as a Microsoft Excel file on the 2010 MBP as opposed to a Microsoft Entourage file on the iMac (which must be the correct format.) I also tried copying the existing iMac Jam + prefs. with the same results. If it's 10.6.3 that's creating this change, I've considered downgrading back to 10.5.8. but I'm not yet sure that these new MBPs can revert and run 10.5.8. I know the generation of MBPs prior to the April 2010 upgrades can and I guess Jam works fine on them. So, if the 2010 MBPs will run 10.5.8, then, in theory, Jam should work fine. However, if it turns out to be the processor instead that has created this situation, then I seem to be out of luck. This is one of the few programs that wouldn't work when I migrated over and I'm really disappointed because I've used it constantly for years. My research continues and hopefully someone here can help.

    Track Transition Audio "Burp"

    I've recently purchased Toast 10 as a replacement for my older versions of Toast & Jam and want to know why audio playback is interrupted by a brief but very noticeable moment of silence at the point of track transition on a .disc or .sd2f file that has cross-fades applied. I understand that these gaps don't transfer to burned discs or within the .sd2f file itself, they just happen while using Toast in playback mode which I rely on all the time and have never experienced this in prior versions of either program. I'm on a brand new MBP with 2.53 Ghz processor and 4GB RAM. Is this a bug that will be fixed?

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Well, I trashed everything on my new MBP and went back to my Powerbook instead of the hard drive from my old MBP (I no longer have the MBP itself.) Via File-Sharing, I copied the preferences and plists over and reinstalled Jam. The preferences are still coming over in Excel format. I have another Intel Mac source that I will try to copy direct from tomorrow and see if the preferences transfer properly. UPDATE: As a quick test, I transferred the Jam preferences from an Intel iMac to the MBP drop box via File-Sharing. Within the iMac Preferences folder, the file format is indicated as "Microsoft Entourage Preferences" and this format seemingly made the transition to the MBP drop box following the transfer as observed while looking at the duplicated files via the iMac. However, when I went over to the MBP and before I moved the files from the drop box, I noted the format reads "Microsoft Excel preferences" again. So, no luck with this, it seems that some type of conversion is happening between the 2 machines. Any ideas?