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    Toast 10 Titanium Won't Burn

    I have a 1280x720 5.18GB file that when dropped into Toast 10 (with the HD-Blu-ray plugin) will not burn. The error message is that the file is too large for the blu-ray disc rated at 25GB. The space remaining bar at the bottom of the toast window shows that though the file size was only 5.18GB, Toast thinks it is a 23GB file, and will not burn the blu-ray. I've been using Toast successfully for quite some time. I paid for technical support with Roxio, but the Toast specialist is on vacation until next week. I'm desparate to find a solution since this job is due to my client. Things I tried that didn't help: Tossed out the toast/roxio preferences and restarted the machine Changed compression settings from Automatic to custom With appreciation for some help. Leon Johnson
  2. johnsonvideo

    Sd Dvd Main Interface Page

    We've been primarily using Toast 10 to create Blu-ray disks, but recently started using it for creating SD DVDs as well. Is there a way to make text titles appearing on the main DVD interface page to appear more clearly. Text looks great prior to burning, but this same text is blurry after it's burned to DVD. In addition to the text being blurry, it almost appears to have some shadowing behind the text. This job is due, so hoping to get the problem resolved since the graphic artist I'm working with has very high standards. Thanks Leon