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    Mac OS error code -50 burning from EyeTV

    Yes we are. The more I think about it, the more the copy protection explanation makes sense.
  2. sleepyduck

    Mac OS error code -50 burning from EyeTV

    Yep, I'm trying to burn a standard video DVD from a file exported from EyeTV using the "Toast" button. Everything seems to work fine with avi files - and I've just noticed that the problem only seems to be occurring with content from one particular TV channel. Content from a sample of other channels is fine. is it possible that there's some kind of copy protection on the signal on that one channel?
  3. sleepyduck

    Mac OS error code -50 burning from EyeTV

    Hi All I'm having trouble burning a recording exported from EyeTV 2. The file exports fine to Toast (I'm using 7.1) and the progress bar goes all the way along during the "multiplexing" stage, but when it gets to the end I get the message that the operation can't be completed because of a Mac OS error code -50. I'm using a MacBook with 2Gig of RAM, 10.4.7 and the most up to date versions of everything. I've tried restarting, repairing permissions, saving as a disk image, all with the same result. The odd thing is that I burned another recording a couple of days ago with no problems at all and I haven't changed a thing since then. All suggestions welcome - and thanks in advance! Paul