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  1. Having the same issues with trying to install ROXIO CREATOR NXT PRO 2 on my new Dell XPS 8700 running Windows 8.1 64-bit. The interrruption message seems to appear during the "Rolling Back Virtual Drive x64." In reading the other threads regarding this installation problem I tried the suggestion by Krudomanic to install DX9.0, which I did. Still no luck with the installation of ROXIO CREATOR NXT PRO 2. Keep getting the same interruption message at the same point during the Roll Back. Very frustrating. Roxio (Corel) of no help. Any suggestions as to how I might attempt to resolve this issue would be much appreciated. May have to request a refund as I am unable to use the program. Thanks.
  2. Thomas1952

    Exporting Clips

    I am working in Creator 2012. Is it possible to export just a certain section of a project, say one or two clip rather than the whole project? And if so how does one go about it? Thanks.