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    MPG2 HD to HDV 720p conversion

    Three Computers, same result: OSX 10.4.11, QT 7.6.4 OSX 10.5.8, QT 7.6.4 OSX 10.6.3, QT 10.0 (113) Going to try a few other files and see what comes out.... Thank you for your response.
  2. smcinnis

    MPG2 HD to HDV 720p conversion

    Hello, I've been using the 720p HDV preset to convert HD 720p MPG2 files for the last couple years without problems. I would drop the resulting file into imovie and edit it with zero problems. Since February, every time I use this process to export the video, the frame rate of the resulting DV file is sped up, but the audio speed is fine. The audio will clip every few seconds to keep up with the video. I've reverted back to an older version of Toast 8 and encountered the same issue. Any else have this problem or know how to get around it? Your time and help is greatly appreciated.