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    TiVo Premier/Premier XL

    Reinstalled 10.0.6a and erased Toast preferences. All four TiVo's are recognized (2 Series 3s and 2 Series 4s). Appears to be working correctly right now. Interesting note, Dual G4 running OS X 10.5.8 and Toast Titanium 8.5 with TiVo Transfer 1.1.1 had no problem recognizing all four TiVos, transferring programs, and playing them!
  2. Runkelbump

    TiVo Premier/Premier XL

    Just replaced both Series 3's with TiVo Premier XLs (Series 4). TiVo Transfer Beta 4 does not even find the TiVo, even when hard-wired to the same router with ethernet cables.