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    Toast 6 Won't Open

    Too bad there's apparently no solution yet. Toast 6 briefly appears to start then immediately quits on my MacBook with 10.6 There is no error message; it just quits before it fully opens... VERY frustrating. It is the ONLY one of many pre-Intel applications that fails to open at all in 10.6 (including even an MicroSoft apps). Roxio's response (or lack of one) was as follows; dortiz 4/12/2010 Dear Alfonso, Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care. After reviewing your notes,I understand that when you try to start your Toast 6 it quits by itself. We would like to inform you that Toast 6 program is considered a "legacy" applications and is no longer supported by our Technical Support. To continue receiving phone and e-mail technical support, please upgrade to the most recent version of your product through the Roxio Upgrade Center or call our Inside Sales Team at 1-877-793-7480 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., EST - excluding Roxio holidays). You may check the refer link for your reference.Applications and Services no longer supported by Roxio Support http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/conte...S=set-locale=en If you have any questions about the suggestions above or the issue is not resolve,please update this webticket with the steps you have tried and any additional information that may help. Sincerely, ROXIO CUSTOMER CARE http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/default.html My view is that if they wrote such a defective application, they should provide a solution even if it is a complimentary upgrade i.e. they should solve the problem they caused by the way they wrote the product I already paid for once.