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    Are you saying that both versions had this working 10.0.6a and 8.5? 10.0.6 does not have any TiVo Transfer updated within it -- so I am trying to follow all the versions. I have a TiVo 3, TiVo HDXL, and a TiVo Premiere XL. The Premiere is not in my TiVo DVR list. All the TiVo's can see the other TiVo's. I can also bring up each of the TiVo's in Safari as well. I have the 2.0 version of TiVo Transfer and I downloaded the beta (2.0a7) and neither of them can see the Premiere XL. Ok I found the clarification I was looking for. I did install the 10.0.6a, but I had to start the main Toast Titanium app which asked if I want to use TiVo Transfer. Then the updated TiVo come into place which found TiVo Premiere XL immediately. A little weird that you need to go thru the toast titanium even though you did the first time. Now all is well.