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  1. I use Corel Video Studio Pro X4. Once you install the driver it will accept input from the Roxio USB capture device. About all I use it for is to capture science shows off TV. I finally did install Creator 2010 SE onto Win 10 just to see what happened. It installed without error; I also installed the SP2 update. I burned a data DVD with no problems at all. When I used the Cineplayer, the sound was fine and the video played without hanging but there was green pixilation to varying degrees on both commercial and burned DVD movies. I didn't test out anything else since I have other programs that do what Creator does. I really like the AVS suite of audio and video programs.
  2. acemoonbeam

    Creator 2010 Se In Windows 10

    I recently built a new computer using the i5 processor and installed Windows 10. This morning I installed my old copy of Creator 2010 SE from CD. It installed without incident. I also ran the two updates posted on the Roxio website, one is called SP2 and the other is labeled "mayupdate". The program ran without any problem. I burned a data DVD to one of my LG Blu-ray drives and the copy was completed successfully. I used the Cineplayer to play a couple of DVDs, one from Netflix and one I had burned myself. The movies played and the audio was fine. The video played without hanging, but there was green pixilation of varying degrees. I didn't investigate much else, since I have other programs that I use for the other things Creator can do. ------------------------- Today I burned an mp3 disc. When I tried to specify the folders, the system could not read the folder structure of the computer -- it only displayed the desktop as a source. But when I navigated to the correct folder in Windows Explorer and dragged the folders in, it burned fine.
  3. I have been using Roxio Creation 2010 Special Edition for a long time on my Win 7 computer. When I built a new machine using Windows 10, I opted not to install Roxio since I now have other programs that do the same thing. However, the Special Edition came with the Roxio USB capture device, and I wanted to continue using it with my other video editing/creating software. I had no hope that the driver would work with Win 10, but thought I would give it a try. On the Creator 2010 SE installation DVD the driver directory is fairly easy to find: there is a 32 bit and a 64 bit driver. I ran the installation program located in the driver directory, and the driver installed and works perfectly with Win 10.
  4. acemoonbeam

    Print On Cd With Label Creator For Xp810

    When we created Epson drivers for HP printers in Creator 2010, we found that the format files used by the label printer were located in a file called PAGE FILES and they had .jwp extensions. We played with the parameters on one of the Epson files until we found something that worked. I do not know if later versions have followed the same format. I finally got tired of Creator changing the format of label files,so that files created with older versions would not load into newer versions. For labelmaking I moved to a pay program called SURE THING.
  5. acemoonbeam

    Roxio Label Creator 2010 problem

    This problem continues to happen in Creator 2010. I only observe it after I try load a .jwl file made with Creator 7. This generates an error message about a corrupt file, and from then on I cannot save a .jwl file without an error message. Rebooting the computer seems to solve the problem. It is unfortunate that Roxiio cannot maintain compatibility of .jwl files between versions. This makes it virtually useless for archiving.
  6. acemoonbeam

    Roxio Label Creator 2010 problem

    ------------------------------- This problem happened to me today. I was trying to save a label file with a graphic on it and this error message came up -- I was unable to save any new label files, though I could load old ones and save them with another name. I looked in the folder RoxioLC and there was no file called audio.png, and I certainly never used the name for any file. I tried creating a dummy audio.png file, but then the label program started prompting for audio01.png. Something caused the program to think my graphic file was named audio.png, even though it wasn't. I was unable to solve the problem, so I went to the control panel and use the "Repair" option. After that, the label program started working correctly again. -- acemoonbeam
  7. acemoonbeam

    Printing Directly On Cds With Hpc309 Printer

    Yes, the file for the HP5160 does work for the HPC309a. The problem is that the print preview screen makes it look like the formatting is wrong, but when you print the label on the CD it comes out fine. Many thanks.
  8. I have a Photosmart Premium All-In-One printer which has a CD printing tray and connects through a wireless network. This is a version of the HPC309a series printer. Roxio label printer uses a .jwp file, a simple text file that can be created with Notepad, to format label printing, but there is no file in the label printer for anything but a few Epson printers. All the .jwp files are in the Pagefiles folder -- to find it, search for it, it's several levels into the Roxio folder usually placed in Program Files. A user on this site, ggrussell, has posted a .jwp file for HP printers which works for the HPC309a. There are two files, one of which prints over the hub area and one that doesn't. It's a zip file which can be extracted and then moved to the Pagefiles folder in the label creator folder. When you print, select the HP309a printer as usual, under MEDIA select print to disc, and under PAPER TYPE select the desired HP Printer format file. Also click the printer PROPERTIES box and select PRINT ON CD/DVD. Using Microsoft Publisher, you can use the template for Avery 8931. There are several places in the printer setup and properties where you need to specify the printer, select the CD tray, and select CD printing -- if you do all that right, this template does work. A program called Sure Thing CD labeler has drivers for this printer and has produced a fine printed CD. Once again, you must make sure to set up all the print options and properties to select the printer and CD tray. Sure Thing is not a free program, but a fully working 15-day version can be downloaded.