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    Blu-Ray Aspect Ratio Wrong On Certain Equipment

    Case solved. It's the JVC Blu-ray player. I connected up a Sony and they play fine. This is like the bad old days of DVD-R
  2. Hi I've been using Toast 10 to author student films shot on the Red One camera. The films are shot 2K 25fps and edited/mastered in Avid at 1080/25P, then sent to Toast v10.0 The discs play back ok on my Sony BDPS300 and a variety of plasmas and LCDs. However they play back stretched horizontally [4:3] on our lecture theatre system. This uses a JVC SR-HD1250 Blu-ray player and Projection Design F32 WUXGA projector. Commercial Blu-rays play fine however. Is there some kind of flag that Toast is failing to set on the discs? Why else would it play back commercial discs fine? Any help or advice to remedy this problem is appreciated! Thanks Nigel
  3. Nigel Smith

    New Feature Request

    I found the following quote on the Blu-ray.com forum: "Blu-ray has a max of 48mbps combined audio and video, of which 40 can be video, and 20 audio at any one time"
  4. Nigel Smith

    New Feature Request

    Higher bitrates for Blu-ray encoding please. Max now is 26Mbps. Compressor does 30MBps Encore does 26MBps. Thanks