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    There is Nothing To Record

    I neglected to read the above note from hermie54 before posting my last response. While ProRes422 indeed is used for editing, it's also been long recommended to me as the preferred .mov choice for a FCP X Master file. I've been doing so for years and the AVCHD discs I've burned always are excellent. So it does, in fact, "work" with earlier versions of Toast. When FCP "Share to disc" is working, I usually let it do the job. But occasionally, usually after an IOS or FCP software update, it breaks (always near deadline) and I fall back on Toast 14. As previously mentioned, 14 Pro still works with ProRes422 .mov files from FCP but 17 currently does not. My FCP AVCHD discs are projected on a large screen before an audience of 100 or so and I want all the resolution I reasonably can get. That's why I've always gone with ProRes422. I also burn additional AVCHDs and standard DVDs for very limited distribution. However, I'm thinking now that I'll simply project my original Master .mov file via a laptop and hope Toast 17 gets "fixed" or my copy of Toast 14 continue to hang in there for disc production.
  2. dscott777

    There is Nothing To Record

    Following up, an email today from the Toast tech confirms that the ProRes244 .mov file I submitted at his request also fails in his tries to burn a disc. He said he was passing along this information to Toast's development team. I have notified Roxio that I'm willing to wait a reasonable amount of time for a fix but that if one is not forthcoming, I will be asking for a refund of the $79.99 I paid to upgrade from Toast 14 Pro. Fortunately, that version still recognizes ProRes422 and will burn discs from my .mov files.
  3. dscott777

    There is Nothing To Record

    At the Toast tech's request, I've send a short FCP-produced .mov file that prompts the "There is nothing to record..." message when trying to burn in Toast 17 Pro. I pointed out that on the Toast screen, the file is listed as "video: APCN" vs. some other, more familiar designation like ProRes422 or H.264. According to wiki.multimedia, this refers to a "ProRes 422 Standard Definition/High Quality codec." An individual whom I believe is an expert on Final Cut Pro X has no idea why APCN pops up on Toast so hopefully Toast will know. For example, another .mov "Master" file I created with FCP X recently lists as "ProRes 422" on the Toast 14 version of that same burn page and it successfully burns. Again, it seems Toast 17 Pro is not accepting ProRes422 .mov files in the same way as before.
  4. dscott777

    There is Nothing To Record

    After much troubleshooting by a Toast technician when Toast 17 Pro was refusing to burn m latest .mov files because of "not enough space on the disc," I did complete uninstalls and reinstalls of Toast 17 Pro on two late model iMacs. I don't get the "not enough space" message any more but now I'm getting the "There is nothing to reocord..." message others here are reporting. I can, however, successfully burn non-FCP .mov files like one I recently received that was created on an iPhone. But even my old FCP .movs go nowhere on Toast 17 Pro. (An old copy of Toast 14 Pro has no problems with them). I have reported this to the Roxio tech with whom I've been troubleshooting and included this thread. I believe "itstherealjg" is on the right track -- Toast 17 Pro may not like ProRes422.
  5. dscott777

    Can't burn

    Running Toast 17 Pro with either High Sierra 10.13.6 of Mohave 10.14, I'm unable to burn any kind of disc -- AVCHD or standard DVD. No matter what I do, I get an error message that reads: "There's not enough free space on this disc: 118.05 GB are needed, 4.38 GB are available." This is from an ordinary Final Cut Pro-created .mov file of 21.58 GB for a 10 minute show. I've successfully done tons of them in the past. In fact, I still can easily can burn that file to either kind of disc with Toast 14 Pro. After a long Roxio "chat" that went nowhere, my query was passed along to "tech support" and they are currently pondering the problem. Over the years various versions of Toast have been my dependable backup each time an Apple software update "broke" FCP's ability to share to disc. Eventually it always gets fixed but it takes a long time. It's likely that some day a future Apple IOS update will render Toast 14 Pro unusable so I'm hoping there is a fix.
  6. dscott777

    Max File Size for Blu-Ray Disk

    Wayne - Thanks for the response. I see what you mean under "Custom" and the ability to select bit rates. I'll experiment but going with the Toast default certainly looks fantastic. For example, yesterday I played my resulting disks on an ordinary Sony Blu-Ray player but through a very excellent NEC high-def projector onto a 69x110-inch screen. Besides being razor sharp, it was (to my eyes) indistinguishable from the 93 Gig .mov file I'd heretofore being playing via QuickTime and my MacBook Pro. Very, very impressive. Still, as you point out, I have more room on the disk. In any case, I am blown away with the image. (Had a momentary disappointment with the Sony DVD player. Out of the box, the picture was very good but not quite as good as the QuickTime file. Then I got into the menus, changed the defaults as best I could and immediately the picture was perfect - just like the 93 Gig file produced.) I don't know why Blu-Ray is struggling nor why Apple won't include the hardware in its machines. It has proven very useful to me.