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  1. Sorry about that grandpabruce...first time on the site, and I was not well oriented yet to the site...will try to do better the next time... Lands End.. I have added all the files that I want to add to the disc, but when I click on the burn button, that's when I get the messages. I think you're right, the disc is not open for more files, it is closed. I tried to send you a screen shot but can't seem to get that right either..lol..When I try to add the screenshot, it wants a URL. Don't understand that, so will not try anymore.. If you can direct me to where I need to look to keep the disc open for more files to be added, I will copy them to my hard drive and then burn a new disc and keep it open for more files...really appreciate the help..Thank you. Lands End
  2. I have the Sonic Record Now version 7 software which came with my Dell computer. When I try to add files to a DVD, which already had files on it, I get a message "Please insert a blank rewritable disc." I also get a message that says "Please insert an appendable data disc and try again." Can anyone tell me why I cannot add files to a DVD+RW?? Any help appreciated.