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  1. Where is the videowave portion of Roxio?
  2. I used the used the Roxio Video Capture to get an old video from a VHS tape 1993. ( working on a Family Reunion show) I had a lot of trouble just getting it to work but it came over as a Movie Clip file ( it is 30 min). Maybe I could have done it differently. I am not sure? I used the Video edit to clip out only 2 minutes but still could not get it into the format that Photoshow needed. I also looked quickly at slide show. I am not sure it will work for what I want. It only does photos and music. I like the themes and titles that you get from Photoshow. I am still working on it. thanks for the suggestions
  3. Thanks for the suggestion... of slide show I will give it a try.... I did opt for the Premium Photo Show so I can get a project done. I am now able to import video. I do find it puzzling that it will only accept video files that are .avi, .mov or meg1 formats?? I used the Roxio video capture and it doesn't do those formats.. so now I am back to square one .. Maybe the slide show application will be a better tool
  4. I have been using Photoshow for many years and decided to purchase Creator Pro 2010 and "upgrade' all my Roxio products. Photoshow now is only an Express version??? and all I see is Please upgrade now? I can no longer import videos, and most of the features are for purchase only. I can't even put my own music files in? What am I missing with this upgrade? Please tell me I don't have to now 'subscribe' to a monthly fee to use it. I don't want to post to the Internet my shows, I just what to move my family photos into the shows with some music and small video clips. Thanks for any assistance!
  5. I just bought Creator 2010 Pro and installed everything.. I do not wish to use the Venue feature but can not get it to uninstall under the program uninstall -- is there another way.. I uninstalled CinaNOw? I still see Venue under the program files but of course not it is only 1/2 there.. Thanks