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    MGI Photosuite SE v.1 for mac

    Its at least 5 years old. There is no memory card. I had to buy a usb to serial port converter to try and access the camera on the mac. However nothing happens. I'll need to find the instruction book to see that I have the right settings. Tried to go into mac to try and find a list of compatible cameras but could not find it.
  2. I am trying to access some photos taken on an old Sanyo lcd digital camera vpc-g 100. I have the old software: MGI Photosuite SE v.1 for mac. to put on my computer to download the photos. When I try to start the installer I get the following message: Cannot open because the classic environment is not supported. What does this mean and how can I get it to work? My Mac is OSX 10.5.8. Is this the problem?