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  1. I purchased "Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3" software few years ago from Sonic's online shop. It was working properly including DVD creation on my previous PC running on Windows XP. However, when I installed the software on my new HP All-in-one desktop PC running on Windows 7, I can no more burn a DVD of My PhotoStory video. It proceeds normally upto creating the WMV file for the DVD option, but doesn't work for the last stage i.e. DVD creation, and shows error message. The last DVD menu screen shows but with all spaces and drop down menus greyed out. I'm very dissapointed. I tried to contact Technical Support but can't register the product with the serial number provided by the company after online purchase required for support and therefore can't send the email. I could send a message to Online Shop, but they advised to contact Technical Support instead. I have given up. This is very bad for a reputable company where a genuine software buyer like me can't get an urgent Technical Support. They have made this process so complex that proved useless for me. I'll continue to send a message for support but I am not hopeful that I'll get any support.