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  1. glussier

    Conversion Speed

    I have 2 Roxio's licences, and while I like Roxio Creator 2011, compared to the 2 major similar software suites, Roxio is the slowest of the 3 at converting videos. I sure hope that on their next version, the developer puts more efforts in increasing the conversion performance. Also, since Roxio are now, I believe, the owners of divx, they should put back divx as a target conversion format.
  2. glussier

    2 Pet Peeves

    Good catch! , No, I did not. Have a nice day!
  3. glussier

    2 Pet Peeves

    Bah, windows 7 64 is a pretty resilien o/s while installing 32bits apps. The most important part, is that I have been, for the past 8 or so years, a satisfied Roxio's user.
  4. glussier

    2 Pet Peeves

    I've been using personal computers since 1979 and never had to reinstall everything because of a mistake. If I was to hose the o/s, it would take me less than an hour to re-image the c: drive. I have good backup practices, so I'm not afraid to lose everything.
  5. glussier

    2 Pet Peeves

    True enought, but I can't wait, while installing software, I still keep doing light duty work such as wordprocessing. If the installer was prompting me that it was to reboot, then I would have time to save the word document. The Roxio installer does-it, so, I figure that the sp install should do the samething.
  6. glussier

    2 Pet Peeves

    Hi all, Thought, I am new to the Roxio forums I have been a long time Roxio user. Here are the 2 things that bothers me with Roxio 2011: 1- The fact that the Google toolbar is being offered during the Roxio install really bothers me. At the very least, the default should be to "not install the Google toolbar" 2- Why is it that after the sp1 install, I am not asked if I want to restart the computer or not? The people writing the install script don't know that I might be doing something else while doing the install? Aside from the 2 above points, the software itself, as always, at least for me, works great.