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    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    Yes it does help and thanks again!
  2. onthebrink

    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    Thanks for your help. I tried to update the firmware for my burner (model HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4080N, Revision 0C09, Driver 5.1.2535.0) but HP did not see to have anything useful for my model (HP pavilion zv5330ca). If fact, after checking their site I thought I would try their self detect feature (which made me use IE AND download ActiveX - Yecchhh!) so anyway, it found 35 others and wanted me to pick one, none of which were my model!! Really useful. I will try a clean install and see if that works. Also, thanks for noting the difference between using creator classic and drag to disc! Much appreciated! P.S. My computer is 6 years old and has worked wonderfully in the past but it may be time to retire it. AND I do like Roxio products.
  3. onthebrink

    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    Success!!! The very helpful people at isobuster determined my laptop drive or hardware isn't working properly. I used their program on my desktop and it was able to see the files on the disc I ejected prematurely. I am so HAPPY!! However, I still need to find out what is wrong with my laptop hardware and would love to know if Roxio itself, or the program, has a solution to prematurely ejecting the discs. It used to be if I tried to force the disc out the program would automatically ask how I wanted to close the session, but this doesn't happen anymore. Thanks for your help. I used EMC9 to burn the disc. See my post re: isobuster 2.7 works on my desktop but not on my laptop. So the files are there, my problem was force ejecting the disc out before finalizing it. Shouldn't there be something in EMC9 to help dummies like me who don't follow the directions?! Maybe there is but like I say, there is something wrong with my burner/drivers/software (something) which prevents it from seeing the files with programs like isobuster. P.S. Sorry if I am getting the forum reply format messed up (NEWB!!)
  4. onthebrink

    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    isobuster did not recognize anything on the disc. It just saw it as a blank disc. I know the data is there. Im hoping, of course, that someone has done the same thing as me and knows that either there is something that can be done or nothing that can be done. The program works just fine when I want to burn a disc but when I accidentally used the manual eject button opposed to the software eject button (it asks you how you want to close or not close the disc) it ejects a coaster. The issue is these are back up files before I formatted the computer so irreplaceable stuff!
  5. onthebrink

    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    Thanks, I'll look into it.
  6. onthebrink

    Accessing files on unclosed disc

    Hail Roxio Gods! and the Almightly Computer God!! Please hear my pleas! So yes it was dumb but I ejected the discs I had just burned back-up files on without closing off the discs properly. How can I get Roxio Creator 9 Suite to recognize those files or how can I close off the disc properly after the fact. When I insert the disc now it says "there is no disc in the recorder". Am I screwed?? I have tried other software that claims to help this particular problem of retrieving data from disc not closed off properly but none has worked. Please help if you have solutions or suggestions! Thanks for any help!