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  1. You're right tsantee, Toast can handle the .mpg file. I don't know why I thought it couldn't. I do know that QuickTime cannot play the .mpg but VLC can. But for number 5 all you would need is to be able to make the video viewing box bigger. You could use it for video games now but it would be a pain because the box is so small. I don't know exactly how the video capture USB works but do you think it could handle a higher resolution?
  2. I think everyone has noticed that Easy VHS to DVD is a very simple application. Here are some things I would like to see in its future updates to make it better... 1. When in the "Introduction" stage there is a spot where you select "Approximately how long is the source material?". You have six options ranging from 10 minutes to 180 minutes. I would like to see a "Custom" in there where you can put in exactly how long it is the source material is. That way there is no need in putting your video recording in iMovie to cut out the extra recored video that is all black if you know exactly how long your video is. 2. When in the "Record" stage there is a box that says "Automatically stop recording after ___ minutes". I want to see a box right next to that that says "Automatically stop recording if there is no siginal after __ seconds". 3. When in the "Finish Up" stage your have five options; Send to Toast, Edit with iMovie, Send to QuickTime Player, New Recording, and Quit. The problem here is that if you select "New Recording" or "Quit", your video file is left as a .mpg and cannot be converted in the future because Toast, iMovie, nor QuickTime can read it. I want to be able to drag my .mpg video recording back into Easy VHS to DVD to have the options to send to Toast, edit with iMoive, or send to QuickTime player. 4. Easy VHS to DVD will automatically send your video to your Movies folder. The problem here is that you cannot change that location. Roxio needs to keep in mind that people may have multiple hard drives or an external hard drive and may not want to rip a video to their Macintosh HD movies folder. I want to be able to change the location of where my videos are going. 5. I would also like to be able to watch a VHS full screen and have the option to not record anything. It would also allow people to play video game consoles on their computers and do many other things using the Easy VHS to DVD video capture USB. I believe that if Roxio updates and changes these proposals the application would be better and the sales of this product will increase.