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  1. jssilva

    can I burn 3" disks with ECDC 5?

    If I remember correctly the 3" discs came in 155, 185, 193, 210, and 300MB. The 155MB disc was low density. The 185MB disc was standard. The 193MB disc used the same data density as a 650MB full size disc. The 210MB disc used the same data density as a 700MB full size disc. The 300MB disc used enhanced density. I think that the 185MB and 210MB discs are the most common today and the other sizes are hard to find (at least in the US).
  2. jssilva

    cd-rw burns audio @ full speed only

    It should show different firmware numbers since you do not have the same drive as shown in the posted example. I have had this problem with my Lite-on and have not been able to find the program/update that causes it. I solved it by downloading Nero's Info Tool and running it. After it completed I was able to see the correct drive speeds again. You can download Info Tool here.
  3. Sharon, this is a long shot because it should be selected automatically: In Creator Classic, click on File and select Project Settings. You will see a CD Text tab. Click on that and make sure that there is a check mark by the language you wish to use.
  4. jssilva

    Hd-burn Technology 700mb To 1.4gb

    No, it is not new. I have (somewhere around here) an OptoRite DD0201, that is at least three years old, that is based on the Sanyo firmware. Although I never felt the need to try to burn a HD disc, the option was there in the pull down speed selection menu (in Nero 6 anway, I don't remember if it was there in any Roxio product. I will have to pop it back in to see). The page linked to was there when I bought the recorder.
  5. It is very likely that upgrading from 2000 to XP killed whatever program you were using. I would never recommend updating an OS because of the many problems that eventually show up. You might try reinstalling whatever program you were using to see if it starts working again. I do agree that using packet writting is not the best method to use.
  6. jssilva

    Hola Who Speak Spanish

    Usted necesita proporcionar más información que "tengo un problema". ¿Qué trata de hacer qué problema usted, y usted tiene?
  7. jssilva

    Error When Trying To Burn Dvd

    You have to provide more information than "I'm currenty going thru the same thing". No, it is not a software problem unless the software is too old to recognize the recorder. Software does not care what kind of disk you are using. It is a hardware problem. If the software supports the hardware and the hardware does not recognize the disk the software does not know what to do with it. What recorder do you have, and what is the version of the firmware? What kind of disk are you trying to use? Does the drive's firmware support the disk? Help us help you by providing the information that might shed some light on the problem.
  8. jssilva

    New Motherboard, New Windows License?

    If you have the full version you do not have a problem. This only relates to OEM versions, and IIRC this has always been in the license agreement of OEM versions.
  9. jssilva

    Lightscribe Drive And Media

    I remember thermal paper and I remember the Beatles on the Jack Paar show, a month before they wre on Ed Sullivan. Grandpabruce: Come down to Colorado. It is only -11 this morning in the high desert.
  10. jssilva

    Bootable Xp Cd Help

    I have used Roxio since version 3 and also like it a lot. However, they removed the function to create bootable CDs in version 7. I would recommend that you check out Autostreamer for creating a slipstreamed bootable disc. You might also want to check out Autopatcher that will install the hotfixes and patches that were released after SP2 was released.
  11. jssilva

    Burning Speed

    Dang, what recorder do you have that burns at 64X? The speeds shown in the drop down box are the speeds that your recorder supports. Looks like 4X is the lowest your recorder will go. Since the CDs play properly in your car and PC I don't think speed is the issue. Make sure you are Disc at Once mode. You might try different brands of CD-Rs to see if you can find one that your CD player likes.
  12. jssilva

    Direct Cd With 0x80000002 Error?

    I can't speak for Ghost, but True Image does require packet writting software to format a disc before you can write directly to it from True Image. I always use True Image to create the image on a second hard drive then burn that image to a DVD using Creator Classic.
  13. jssilva And Hp Lightscribe External

    1. Last part first: no it is not clear, and I have read this three times. 2. What is Easy CD Maker ? Do you mean Easy CD Creator? 3. "The DVD part is not a problem since my DVD does not burn discs. It uses the Nero Software Suite to burn the CD's." You lost me here. 4. Are you saying that you want to use Easy CD Creator to burn the disc and then use Nero to create the label ? If that is your intent there should be no problem installing both programs. However, Easy CD Creator probably will not support your new lightscribe drive. Why not use Nero to burn the disc and print on the disc ?
  14. My first 2X HP was in the $400 range. And, about $5.00 per disc. 1X on a blue ray = 36Mbps. As with CD and DVD recorders they are releasing them at a lower speed with the intentention of increasing the speed. The estimated top speed is 12X and there is already plans for 8X recorders. There is a lot of good information here: http://www.blu-ray.com/faq/#1.7 one quote from that site: "However, as BD-ROM movies will require a 54Mbps data transfer rate the minimum speed we're expecting to see is 2x (72Mbps)."