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  1. Hello, Installed my Easy Media Creator 8 software. (Roxio Creator 8 Suite Home) Would someone please give me a direct link to software updates for my software. Do you know if this software supports HD video? Will it edit HD video and then save it as HD video? Would appreciate the update links!
  2. Dtind

    Emc 8 Updates

    Going through many threads in a search of the Roxio website I was able to find just one link with an actual update. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/emc8/software_updates.html I'm still betting there are updates avail to all or most of the programs in my suite. Just need someone smarter than me to help me find them or provide me with a copy of them. On a question related to the above update, that update states "Update the Retail (CD-ROM) English version of Easy Media Creator 8.0 Suite (Build 800B85C) to 8.05 (Build 805B30B.)" My Creator Classic has a different build, Build 805B30B ENU. Will this update work with my Build version? Should I install this update with the Build version I have? I guess I'm not sure if this update applies to my software as I have Roxio Creator 8 Suite, is this the same as Easy Media Creator 8.0 Suite as stated on the above update link? Thanks for your help
  3. Dtind

    Emc 8 Updates

    I purchased this software new years ago and just recently opened it and installed it for the first time. It is the full version Easy Media Creator 8 software. (Roxio Creator 8 Suite Home) On the Roxio website, under the obvious link support/software updates this version is no longer listed. Also when I click on the update from the program itself it states 'no updates found for your software.' Probably because it is no longer supported... I willing to bet someone here either has the update files or knows how to locate them on the Roxio site. Module Name: Roxio Creator 8 Suite Home Version: 3.0.0 Build: 3.0.91a I would appreciate it if someone would be able to supply me with the updates for this software!
  4. Bingo! After enabling CD recording I can open, view, and burn to blank CD/DVDs using windows explorer windows software and Windows Media Player. It seemed to fix most my issues. However I am having some difficulty with CloneDVD, will try a complete uninstall and reinstall. And since installing cdanteek's recommendation, I am having trouble with iTunes, getting error "registry setting used by itunes drivers are missing. Can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Try reinstalling itunes" I reinstalled iTunes once but did not fix problem. I'll keep working on that. Thanks for the continued help
  5. After installing Creator 6 Platinum, having problems with programs or computer recognizing my D:/ drive (DVD/CD ROM/RW drive). When I click on my D: drive I get the message "D:/ is not accessible. Incorrect function" When trying to burn a CD using Windows media player, I get message "Windows Media Player cannot not burn the files to the CD" I CAN burn to CD using Creator 6 programs, I have also been successful burning a CD using iTunes. But I cannot use my computer and double click on D:/ drive to see what is on the CD. Using device manager show D:/ drive working properly Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Platinum I have installed all the updates for this program from Roxio. Using Windows Home XP with all current updates installed. Any suggestions?
  6. I tried exactly what cdanteek suggested and no change. Creator engine is updated to I can open, view files on, and play audio CD's. I can open, view files on, and play DVD's. I can open and view files on Data CD's. I CANNOT open nor view files on blank CD's or DVD's. My DVD/CD Rom drive is D:/ With blank CD/DVDs, when I go to my computer and double click on the D:/ drive it gives me the error "D:/ is not accessible. Incorrect function." I get this same message when I try to look on my D:/ drive when using Creator 6 software to view the blank CD/DVD in the D:/ drive. Thus I cannot drag and drop to that drive to burn a cd using windows software. Same with Windows Media Player. If I try to burn a CD it gives message "Windows Media Player cannot not burn the files to the CD" I have DVD burning software from Slysoft Clone DVD that I can no longer burn movies to a DVD. This happened after installing Ceator 6. Whats wierd is that I can burn to these blank CD/DVDs using Creator 6 software. Then once burning is completed, I CAN view, open, and play the files on that CD/DVD using ANY software on my computer. I just when the CD/DVD is blank, Windows explorer, and other programs such as Windows media player and Slysoft Clone DVD software don't seem to be able to read the D:/ drive with the blank CD/DVD. I CAN burn to a CD using iTunes. I CAN burn a CD/DVD using Creator 6 softwares. I CANNOT burn a CD/DVD using Windows explorer, windows media player, and other programs such as Slysofts Clone DVD.. Thanks for the help and questions
  7. There was a reply to my post yesterday by user 'cdanteek' which is no longer here. Must have been removed. Do you think cdanteek's reply to my problem was legit or was it something else? Here is part of what was posted: "Make a new folder on your desktop download PX Engine 3_00_58a .exe to that folder (# 7 in my signature), now unzip WINZIP WinRAR the compressed PX Engine 3_00_58a.exe file in the folder. Double click the .exe, run it follow the prompts and reboot the pc. 7.click here Drive Not Recognized By Roxio, PX Engine 3_00_58a. Full Installer, use first, then run the PX Engine 4.18.16a. Updater Only .Click here cd"