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  1. This forum is useless, more and more people with the same issue but no answers or fixes are ever posted. I sent this post to tech support at Roxio. They didn't reply or post a fix. Instead they just added my problem to a list of others with the same problem. This company sucks. They take your money and things don work . It's theft! Cyber theft!
  2. I cannot even get Music Disc Creator to open. Once the selection is clicked, the splash screen for the program appears momentarily then disappears and the program never starts. What can I do? Have done "repair", tried remove and reinstall, then from Start menu. Nothing works. I run Vista Ultimate. I reinstalled the OS, then NXT3Pro and it worked just after installing. Since then other programs and updates went into the system, and Roxio Music Disc Creator wont Start. Any thoughts?
  3. I am unable to engage MUSIC DISC CREATOR module in any way. All other features seem to be working. I use Vista Ultimate. The program used to work, then stopped. I decided to reload the entire Vista system, this time one of the first things I loaded into the system was the Roxio NXT3 program. When first in, the Music Disc Creator worked. I continued to load the rest of my usual programs including Corel Video Studio 7, but no other CD burning programs, and now the Roxio main menu wont open Music Disc Creator. I tried disabling other programs in MSCONFIG, no help. Tried "repair install" no help. Is there any fix to allow the Music Disc Creator Module to function, or a way to find out what other program or update caused it to not work?
  4. SpinDocWes

    Errors Writing Disks

    You are correct, using Toast, I cannot copy a CD nor burn a music CD from music files that have been ripped from a music CD and placed in a folder I get the error noted previously. After my original post I tried a different brand of CD-R (TDK) and set write speed at 2x (down from Maximum) and the disc burned successfully- but so slowly. I also tried it on a CD-RW at 2X and that also worked, but it is so slow-so I wouldnt damage more media! The resident Mac CD and DVD burning program works fine to burn files (not music CDs) when I am not using Toast, so my problem is not the burner hardware. The problem may be with the original CD-R media for music from Sony that I used, however that brand seems to work on all of my computers. It is also possible that the default speed setting (maximum) in Toast is the problem, I will try successive increases from 2X upward till I hit the error message again. If you have any other suggestions of advice please send it. Wes
  5. SpinDocWes

    Errors Writing Disks

    I just purchased Toast 10 Titanium a month ago, and installed it on my new Mac Pro, but never tried to burn anything till yesterday. First I tried to copy a disc, after ripping content from the source, I was prompted to insert a blank, and as I did, Itunes came up, which I cancelled, then proceeded to continue with the copy process on Toast. After only a couple of seconds (lead in was partially done) I received the following error: The Drive Reported an Error: Lead in-lead out failed to be written Sense Key=Hardware Error Sense Code=0x09, 0x03 Spindle Servo Failure Of course the Sony music disc media was then useless. I had done all the updates for Toast. Later for reference I tried to burn a music disc without copying any previous disc and the same burn failure notice came up with a destroyed disc. I have searched this forum and found this thread, I looked on support, and my Mac Pro is brand new and seems to work fine everywhere else, burns fine without Toast, so I doubt it is hardware related, I have done all of the Mac updates, and there is no option for firmware up on a HL-Dt-St-DVD-RWGH41N drive. I have had a long history with Roxio, and many problems with Windows based Roxio conflicts which I was able to resolve. I am saddened and disappointed that the same thing is now occurring with Mac which is supposed to be user friendly, relatively problem free, and less conflicted in software architecture than Windows systems. Any suggestions? Thanks Wes