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  1. I get error when installing Roxio Creator NXT5. About 3/4 way through. I get error 007F. Then it starts installing files. I turned off firewall and antivirus the unplugged the internet, but it happened again. While installing NTX5 it uninstalled NXT2 so I have no dvd or video programs. Someone please help. I have installed three times only to have it uninstall
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    Converting .MOV files

    Thanks, That worked very well
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    Converting .MOV files

    I am using a pocket video camera Kodak Zi8. It saves data in .MOV files. When putting together a video, I get no sound. I have added .Mov files directly to My DVD and no sound. I have converted to WMV files with Roxio Creator 2010 and get no sound. The only way I get sound is using Kodak software and convert each video segment to MP4 files and then add to My DVD and create a video. This works fine except, that I am recording in 1080P at 30FPS and I lose a lot of resolution doing this. This is the same problem that I had in Creator 2009 and that is why I upgraded. This version is supposed to create in HD with sound, but it does not. What am I doing wrong and how to I correct this?