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  1. Seychelles

    Os X Yosemite & Toast 11

    I saw screenshots on a French site of Toast 12 being used on Yosemite (see below). So, Toast 12 is probably be the only compatible version at this point of time. However, I find it ridiculous to pay an upgrade price of $60/$100 just for Yosemite compatibility. Can we hope for a Toast 11 update to address this issue?
  2. Seychelles

    Encoding In Burning Process Slow! Toast 11.1 And Mavericks

    There is a new feature in Mavericks, called "App Nap", which slows down background processes. Maybe it's responsible? You can try this: Go to Applications > Toast 11 Titanium. Right-click on the Toast Titanium app. Choose "Get the Info" or something. In the Info window, check "Prevent App Nap" or something. I say "or something" cause my system is in French, and I don't have the English labels. In theory, this will prevent "App Nap" from affecting Toast.
  3. Seychelles

    Update Is Improperly Signed

    Hmm... two consecutive updates that fail to work. Toast 11.1 (1063) is enable to complete the Setup Assistant; so I have to delete my preferences file. And now Toast 11.1 (1067) is improperly signed; so I have to downgrade and then upgrade. Not very professional for a 100$ software.
  4. Seychelles

    DivX Watermark on burned DVD Video

    Yes, the DivX logo is showing both on my MacBook's DVD Player and on my TV's DVD player. This logo seems to be added by Toast 10 during the encoding process. Really bizarre. Anyhow, I solved my problem by encoding the .AVI file into an .MPEG file in advance, using the free program Avidemux. For future reference, the following Avidemux settings produced an .MPEG file fully compatible with Toast 10 (an .MPEG file which doesn't require a second encoding) : VIDEO FILTERS Resize to 720x480 (Resize method: Bicubic) Resample to 29,97 fps VIDEO CODEC DVD lavc (Aspect ratio: 16/9, Quantizer: 2) AUDIO CODEC MP2 Twolame FILE FORMAT MPEG-PS A+V
  5. Seychelles

    DivX Watermark on burned DVD Video

    Hello, I burned .AVI files using Toast 10 to create a DVD Video. But when I play the DVD, a DivX watermark (or logo) shows at the bottom, then disappears. This logo does not show in the original .AVI files. Is it possible to remove it ? Because my .AVI files were using the DivX codec, I tried to solve the problem by re-encoding them first using a different codec. So I re-encoded them in Xvid using Avidemux, but when I burned the Xvid .AVI files using Toast 10, the DivX logo still appeared. As a final try, I bought the DivX Pro codec, I registered it successfully on my Mac OS X (Snow Leopard), but when I burned the Xvid .AVI files using Toast 10, the DivX logo still appeared. Please help.