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  1. Thanks, Jim... You are SOOO Right! Thanks for the additional information about added tracks. On this one (The Galapagos) I chose to have new music and narration. I appreciate having someone who is willing to take the time to answer questions. Best!
  2. Thank you myguggi and Jim Harden for your suggestions and help. I discovered that rather than remove audio first and proceed from that direction, it is so much easier to use Videowave and mute the original soundtrack, then cut the video wherever I want and add new music and narration. As I mentioned, I never really edited a large movie clip previously and now feel somewhat stupid (and ignorant!!! of course) for having asked these questions in the first place. A very good learning experience especially because I have used Roxio software for so many years and have been extremely happy with the results. Really appreciate your help. Thanks! !
  3. Yes, I am using Videowave in Creator NXT 5 Pro. I have saved the converted file on my computer and I will add music from a file on my computer and will add narration with the microphone I use.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions and the information you have given. I have used "Copy and Convert Video" to cut out portions of the old video I made with Videowave in Easy Media Creator 6 or 7.5 (I don't remember which version) and have eliminated all sound. I realize I will have to add new narration and also new background music. Since this is my first time "editing video" rather than creating a video with stills and movie clips in Videowave, I will continue to experiment with the video I now have without sound. My hope is that I can use this video, add narration where I want on that track and add music on the music track, and render a new video which I can post on You Tube.
  5. The original video was produced with a very old Roxio Creator program and then burned onto a DVD. I do not know how to edit it with Creator NXT5 in Videowave. Are you suggesting I treat it as a video clip and mute or turn off the sound? And if so, how would I then be able to add narrative and music on those separate tracks? It is about 15 minutes long. Any help will be very much appreciated.
  6. I have used several Roxio Creator software programs for many years. I now use Creator NXT 5 Pro. I want to use a DVD I made with an old version of Roxio software and remove the sound so I can re-create it and include narration and music which will be acceptable for You Tube use, because the music used originally is copyright protected and prohibited on You Tube. I am at a loss to know if or how I can accomplish this. In My Videowave I added the DVD and then attempted to edit out the sound and was unsuccessful. Please describe to me if this is possible. I am trying to avoid producing an entirely new video from scratch. An example of what I am hoping to accomplish on You Tube can be seen at my channel: travldtwoseven at www.youtube.com
  7. I definitely will keep Roxio Creator 2010 because it's MyDVD is FAR SUPERIOR compared to the one on Creator NXT5.
  8. I will check into firmware. Yes, I have Creator 10 Pro and Creator NXT5 Pro on the same computer. When I purchased NXT5 the Corel person I chatted with suggested running both until I became familiar with Creator NXT 5 Pro.
  9. I am no guru by any means, but have used Roxio Creator software for many years, including several past versions. I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and have purchased and installed CREATOR NXT PRO 5. After navigating thru MyDVD (the new version indicated to burn DVDs.... which I dislike), I figured out how to go from the production "Magic Mode" of a new video to the "Advanced Mode", to set up the menu (adjust the menu) and the added videos and have yet to be successful in burning a DVD. After the 99% comes up and it appears the disc will burn... the error message: BurnerState_Aborting failure (Reason: Unknown Error Code 2147500035) comes up. I have attempted this several times with various .mp4 videos already on my computer (produced by Creator 2010 pro). I am way under the maximum capacity for the discs (4.7 DVD+R), which I have used and successfully burned in the past weeks with Creator 2010. I have checked the latest drivers on both of my disc burning drives. I have switched to "burn software" from the recommended "burn hardware". My computer has Intel Core i7 CPU, 860@2.80GHz 2.79 GHz RAM: 8.00GB, 64 bit I have had no problems burning DVDs from my previous ROXIO CREATOR PRO 2010. Please help me understand why I cannot burn a DVD+R (in DVD-video format) in My DVD on this version of software. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am thankful that I have two Roxio Creator versions running on my computer, which, hopefully will enable me to burn DVDs of whatever I produce.
  10. MEMartin

    Roxio Creator Nxtpro5 Issues

    Thank you for clarifying Magic Mode and Advanced Mode. I was assuming if the screen says "Magic Mode" that's what mode I am currently in.
  11. MEMartin

    Roxio Creator Nxtpro5 Issues

    I have been using Roxio software since before the Roxio 7.5 version many years ago to produce videos and have been upgrading to the most recent versions because of having to update my computer to Windows 10. I have found that Videowave (which I have used most over the years) is still in the same format and this is wonderful because I want to control every aspect of the videos I produce. (See my YouTube channel: travldtwoseven). I have been experimenting with my latest version (CREATOR NXT PRO 5) and it appears Videowave is the same as previous versions of Roxio. THANK HEAVENS! However, I am very disappointed that MyDVD seems to be very user unfriendly. I loved the old version in CREATOR 2010 PRO (which, thankfully, I have running along side this new version). The menus in Creator Pro 2010 could be changed to either include or not include music; the background could be changed; I could make ALL of the videos to play thru (can't find that now) or click on each one to play individually............ so many aspects of CREATOR 2010 PRO (MyDVD) seem to have been eliminated from the new CREATOR NXT PRO 5. I have no idea how to get from the "Magic Mode" to the "Advanced Mode" because every time I actually access the Advanced Mode, I am returned to the "Magic Mode"........... MY ADVICE TO ANYONE WANTING TO UPGRADE IS TO "KEEP YOUR OLDER VERSION UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT THE NEW VERSION CONTAINS". I have been experimenting with burning DVDs from .mpeg .mp4 files on my computer and the new MyDVD always fails when ready to actually burn the DVD. Error message 2147500035, cannot burn DVD. My computer system: Windows 10, Intel Core i7 CPU, 860@2.80GHz, 2.79 GHz; RAM 8.00 GB, 64 bit Not being a techie, I do not know what all this means; however, I do know that I had no problems with previous versions of ROXIO CREATOR PRO 2010. either with Videowave or MyDVD when I had Windows 7. My suggestion to the Roxio staff is: Please make MyDVD work as it did in CREATOR 2010 PRO. I want to edit the background of my menu, eliminate sound, and enable one click of the menu to play thru the entire production. THANK YOU TO WHOMEVER READS THIS ON THE ROXIO STAFF............ I am also a Corel user from years back and also had to get new software for WordPerfect to work with Windows 10.... my "go to" word processing!!!
  12. MEMartin

    Videowave Overlays

    I am using Roxio Creator 2010 Pro and have found that the selection of overlays does not include all of those included in Roxio EMC 7.5, (ex: the "video strip" overlay). Are there overlays and transitions available from Roxio in addition to those provided in the purchased package? What about additional transitions (flip across, bi-fold, tri-fold, etc.). And is it possible to make collages in VideoWave? Thanks!
  13. MEMartin

    Vw 2010 Overlays & Picture 'bleed Thru"

    Re your #2... I had the same problem with overlay (or bleeding as you say) and found that even though in the "Production Editor drop down menu", I specified each non 16:9 format should have black bars, I still had the overlay. UNTIL, I updated my NVIDIA driver. I did this once, then found out that there was an additional newer NVIDIA driver update (thanks to one of Roxio's gurus!!!), and that solved my problem! So I suggest you check your drivers for your computer screen and perhaps an updated version will solve your problem. Good luck!
  14. Thanks so much. This is great information. Thank you as well. I like all the options in Videowave version 7.5 and was hoping I wouldn't have to switch to another "movie-maker" software.
  15. That sounds complicated! Would it work, really? I was hoping there would be another program with similar editing capabilities (like VideoWave), and burning (DVD Builder).