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    Make Sonic Audio CD - 2 Different Errors

    Thanks for the Ser # issue. I can't recall if I ever made a compilation CD on this Sonic and realize a "manual" may cover multi-App versions with some Ver's NOT being able to do what the manual says it can. I'll play with Rhapsody awhile and maybe I'll get use to the brighter sound. Thanks again!
  2. The Sonic DigitalMedia Plus V7 pkg that came with my '06 HP XP Media Ctr desktop won't allow a burn project to have x songs from CD 1 and x songs from CD 2 as a compilation - Manual says it can but recently it refused CD #2 add-ons for (ie) "Cannot: another project in process" and today if I drag Songs 1-3 from CD 2 it just Duplicates 1-3 from CD 1 previously put in Project area. I know this is an old OEM App via HP but is there any Fix to allow a Compilation CD. I like THIS Sonic SOUND better than a Rhapsody CD I burned. Module Name: Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7 Build: 2.6.21b Serial Number: xx Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 3.0.65a, 85 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Sonic RecordNow Audio Version: 2.0.6 Build: 206B29W, HPC Serial Number: xxxxxxxxx Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004