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    memory discrepancies

    Thanks very much for your message - it helped me make the disk! I changed the settings in the drawer from "audio" to "mp3" and suddenly the amount of memory shrank back down. I didn't get an "out of memory error", it just told me there was not enough space on the disk when I hit the burn button. And I was trying to burn onto a disk that I could play on my car stereo, which doesn't accept all disks but I'm not sure what its specifications are. I wasnt' using the mp3 setting - I had selected the "audio" tab, and under "format" in the sidebar i'd ticked the button marked "audio cd". But I got the disk I needed in the end. Great news, but if anyone can spare the time to talk me slowly through it, I'd still love to know what toast is actually doing to the disk when you choose "audio" instead of "mp3". One more question: if I drag a whole bunch of files from itunes into toast, and set it to "mp3", do they burn as mp3s, regardless of the fact that they started out as mp4 or wav files? ONce again many thanks for helping me burn that disk!!
  2. computerinfant

    memory discrepancies

    Despite its having been on my computer for a while, I am new to toast. I get the part that, in order to play mp3s in my car, I have to record them onto a disk with toast. What I don't get is why. That is part b of my question. Part a of my question is - why, when I try to burn mp3 files of less than 500 mb does toast tell me there's not enough free space on the disk? I have a bunch of mp3 files on my computer, and I started up toast and clicked on 'audio', and then dragged them (all 470 mb of them or whatever) into the window. When I try to burn the disk it says I need much more memory (the figure was quite oddly expressed). What does toast do to the files that they get bigger? And how can I see HOW big they are getting?