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    Can't restore Roxio .qic file

    Hey gang, Thanks for the excellent advice. What I had was Roxio BackUp MyPC ver 7 on a HP Slimline s3120n machine. I had the foresight to purchase the optional 80GB HP Pocket Media Drive which slides in the front and also enable the BUMP program for nightly backups of selected folders up to the Pocket Drive. First the good news... * Roxio is canceling my order and refunding the $ * After poking around the Internet trying to find BUMP (man has it changed hands to various software vendors!!) I decided to poke around the HP Pocket Media Drive and voila! the install software was on it along with other software HP bundles with the PC. It took a while to restore owing to BUMP not seeing the Pocket Drive. Copying it to another USB drive resulted in an error to the effect that the file was not written on the source media or something like this. Once I copied it to the C:\ drive it was able to read it in and restore everything to my chosen directory. Now for the hardware... Took the old Slimline to Best Buy Geek Squad and they think that either the power supply or motherboard is fried. It will try to start up for a few seconds but then turns off. And when it does stay on there is nothing displayed on the monitor. I know this discussion will cause the thread to go off-topic but if anyone has advice for the hardware problems I would appreciate it. The PC is about 2 years old so out of HP warranty. Thanks again for this very helpful forum! JM
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    Can't restore Roxio .qic file

    My HP Slimline PC included a free version of a Roxio backup product, which I set to back up important files each night to an external hard drive with the default extension .QIC in the file name. The PC crashed so I need to restore this file. The only product on Roxio's site is BackOnTrack so I purchased it but it cannot restore *.QIC, only *.SIB -- what gives?