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    Sonic Digital Media LE v7

    Pretty much any kind of disk , but it usually happens I eject dick that have been manually formatted. (I.E. Sony CD-RW but it also does it with others as well!
  2. musclewarrior2010

    Sonic Digital Media LE v7

    Hi I have had my computer for a few years now and have had this problem with (Sonic Digital Media LE v7); pretty much from the time i bought it. The sonic program came with my computer ; but when i try to eject a dick from my CD/DVD tray it goes to the :blue screen of death" and I get the following Stop Error Message: It says that windows XP has been shut down to protect my computer from damage. I get the blue screen of death and it says that a memory dump is taking place. The error code below is what i keep seeing. It only happens when i try to eject my CD/DVD disks from the burner tray. This has become so dang irritating; I can not take it anymore. Stop: Error Code 0xc0000007E (0xc0000005,0x806F0753,0xf78DAC28,0xF78DA924) I know very little about technical side of computers. Can someone tell me what the is going on, and how i can fix this problem. I am using Dell and Windows XP with over a gig of memory!