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    Here is the steps I have taken in order: I download a movie from a server that I havent seen in years and I wanted to put it on a dvd-r or bluray if its the right type of file. Lets say the file is Gone with the wind in mpg. After download it I drag it into the dvd-video section. I pop in a DVD-r into my internal DVDR in my IMAC (If im making a bluray I have an external Pioneer for that). Just click burn and thats it. The settings of roxio are in default. PICTURE is great on dvd and bluray but sound is not even existent??
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    I installed that yet still playing the DVD on my ps3 and other bluray players the sound is not working. Do you know any other good programs to make Bluray video DVDs from .ts files??
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    I am trying to make video DVDs and video blurays. I have all the necessary software toast 9 and 10 and plugins for both. I have an IMAC and external pioneer bluray writer. For some reason any video disc I make the picture works fine and everything on any dvd player but the AUDIO is non-existent, THERE IS NO AUDIO AT ALL. Ive even used BURN as anothe program for making normal dvd videos with the same files and the audio on these work. Its odd because my toast 9 and toast 10 im having the same exact issues. WHAT CAN I DO??? Again the video is clear and nice but there is no audio at all my setting have DD-192mhz as default. PLEASE HELP!!